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Free and Scholarship Education in Italy
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Work and Study in Australia
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Start your career with study abroad opportunities.

NGGlobal is one of Turkey's young and dynamic education consultancy firms. It provides professional overseas education consultancy services to students who want to study abroad in order to benefit from free education abroad and scholarship opportunities abroad in line with their education and career goals.

NGGlobal places students from Turkey in many prestigious universities, language schools, diploma and certificate programs in the world, especially in Italy, England, America, Canada, Ireland, Germany and Australia.

Overseas Education Consultancy

You can find many programs related to Overseas education consultancy on our website, in order to achieve your career goal, you can choose one of the most suitable university, language school, certificate program, graduate, high school, summer school and work & study programs abroad. You can start your educational journey by

We want you to know that we are with you every step of the way as NGGlobal with our professional overseas education consultants and training coaches to ease the difficulties and overcome the obstacles you will encounter in the process of starting your abroad education adventure.

In the student comments section on our website, you can take a look at the comments of our students who have shared their previous experiences about the country and institution you want to go to.

Why NGGlobal study abroad consultancy?

Overseas education consultancy has become more and more popular in recent years. As people search for educational opportunities around the world, these consultancy services have emerged specifically to assist students who wish to study abroad. Overseas education consultants inform students in which country, which school and which department they can study. It is also among the duties of these advisors to help students apply for scholarships, to help them complete their visa applications if they are accepted, and to ensure that they are informed about the cultural differences they will experience abroad.

Studying abroad provides many advantages to students. First of all, studying at world-renowned and prestigious universities provides an important opportunity for students' future careers. In addition, studying and living abroad offers students the opportunity to get to know different cultures and develop themselves. But studying abroad can also be a challenging process. Language and cultural differences can create difficulties for students. Therefore, NGGlobal abroad education consultants play an important role in helping our students cope with these challenges.

Our overseas education consultants offer the best education opportunities, taking into account the personal characteristics and goals of the students. Our consultants take care of many processes such as completing student applications, processing visas and making accommodation arrangements. Our overseas consultancy services, which we offer as NGGlobal, play an important role in the education life of students. While students' desire to study abroad provides an important opportunity for their future careers, our abroad education consultants help this process go smoothly and successfully.

Our Education Abroad

What type of education do you want to study abroad?

Universities Abroad

Studying University Abroad

Studying abroad has become an option preferred by many students in recent years. Among the reasons for this preference are many factors such as the opportunity to study at world-renowned universities, the opportunity to explore different cultures, the development of language skills, access to job opportunities and personal development.

The most important reason for studying at University abroad is the opportunity to study at world-renowned universities. Many students want to start their careers positively by studying at prestigious universities. For example, universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge and Stanford are recognized around the world, and students who graduate from these universities often achieve great success in business and academic careers.

However, another reason to study University abroad is the opportunity to explore different cultures. By studying abroad, students get many opportunities to discover a new culture, learn a language and personal growth. In addition, living and studying in a different country gives students a broader perspective and improves their worldview.

Another advantage of studying abroad is the development of language skills. Studying in a foreign country offers students the opportunity to learn the language of that country. This puts students in a better position in the business world and employers prefer people with different language skills.

Popular Educations

Language Schools Abroad

Why should you study a language abroad?

Language schools abroad have become more and more popular in recent years. These schools offer educational opportunities around the world to students who want to learn a foreign language. Studying at foreign language schools offers students the opportunity to improve their language skills, while also providing the opportunity to get to know foreign cultures and improve themselves.

Overseas language schools offer students different options in many different countries. Students can learn languages such as English, French, Spanish, German and can study in different countries according to the languages they want to learn. For example, students who want to learn English can study in countries such as England, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Students who want to learn French can choose countries such as France, Canada or Switzerland.

Another advantage of Overseas language schools is the teachers who help students improve their language skills. These teachers are usually native speakers of the language and give students the ability to use the language correctly. Also, because students are often taught in small classes, teachers can give more individual attention to students.

Studying at language schools abroad also offers the opportunity to recognize cultural differences and make new friendships. Students can meet students from different countries and learn about traditions, food and lifestyles of different cultures. The language school abroad experience provides the opportunity for students not only to learn languages, but also to develop their intercultural skills.

However, abroad language schools also have some disadvantages. First of all, studying in these schools can be financially challenging. Study abroad and accommodation costs can strain students' budgets. Also, going abroad to learn a language can be a stressful experience for students. This is where NGGlobal comes into play and expert language school consultants help you overcome every difficulty at every stage.

Student Feedback

Our Students Sharing Their Experiences

Master's Degree - Germany

Hello, I am Selda. Thanks to NGGlobal Education, my student visa was finalized today. We applied together with my wife. It took 3 months in total. At first we made an appointment for a month. We waited for an appointment for a month, then exactly two months passed from the date we applied, and thank God, we received our visa. Let me talk ...

High School Education in Italy

I had the opportunity to receive high school education in Italy with NGGlobal. We completed all transactions smoothly and quickly. I would like to thank them very much from here. I'm glad to have you.

English Data Analytic Training

I would like to thank the NGGlobal family for allowing me to receive my Master's degree in Germany with a 100% scholarship and free of charge.

İnşaat Mühendisliği

Hello, I am Kaan, I applied to the Department of Civil Engineering at Messina University in Italy through NGGlobal. I would like to thank Ms. Günel, who was with me at every stage of the application process and supported me with her expertise and support.

Department of Economics and Business Administration

Hello, I am Cem Özgür. I am from Malatya. After contacting NGGlobal, I was accepted to the Department of Economics and Business Administration from Cassino University, Italy. As of this year, I will start studying for free and with a scholarship. Thank you NGGlobal family for this.

Environmental and Food Economics, MA

My husband and I thought of studying in Italy. We researched and interviewed a lot of companies and finally we decided to move forward with NGGlobal and we have no regrets. We applied to many schools and I was very worried that my wife would not be accepted, but we succeeded. I got accepted to the University of Milan and NGGlobal applied ...

Corporate Communications, MSc

When I met with NGGlobal, I was very indecisive as a country. I wanted it to be both financially affordable and at the same time getting quality education. I was thinking about Poland and Italy, they said that when I shared my ideas, I could benefit from scholarship opportunities in Italy. I informed that I wanted to take more weighted ma...

International relations, MA

Previously, I had no desire to do a master's degree abroad. Frankly, I was a little afraid, but after contacting NGGlobal, they convinced me and I am currently studying for a master's degree in Italy with a scholarship, without any problems. They are with me in every problem. Thank you very much indeed.

Computer Engineering, Undergraduate

I was a 1st year student at Boğazcı University in Turkey. By now, I had met with so many consulting companies that I was confused, they all said something different. I finally met with NGGlobal and went to their office with my father. We got such good and clear information that we said we will definitely work with you. They helped me choo...

Animation, Bachelor

I decided to get a Second License and made certain that this would be the animation department. I was torn between Canada and America, and after reviewing the schools, we chose one of the best schools in America for animation. During the process, the advisors were very helpful and continued to support me with the visa even after I complet...

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What To Do Before Traveling Abroad

City Guide

We have brought together general information about the city you will go to for your study abroad, museums and historical places to visit, flavors you must taste, events you will want to attend and many more for you.

Visa Guide

If you want to participate in any education program abroad as a student, you must fully fulfill the visa requirements for students. You can get detailed information from the Visa Guide section.

Placement Exam

Don't know the language level you want to study yet? Take our Online Placement Tests and find out your current language level right away. Let our experts evaluate your exam for the level you want to reach.


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