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Spain Master Degree

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Masters in Spain

What You Need to Know About Masters in Spain

Universities in Spain
Spain has a university system consisting of public and private universities. Universities are often run as independent institutions and offer undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs to students. Programs offered in English are also available in Spain, but the main language is usually Spanish. To apply to a university in Spain results from the Spanish University Access Examination (also known as Selectividad or EvAU) are usually required. In addition, some universities may organize special talent tests or interviews. International students are generally required to contact an international student office for their undergraduate application. To apply to a university in Spain results from the Spanish University Access Examination (also known as Selectividad or EvAU) are usually required. Some universities may also organize aptitude tests or interviews. International students are generally required to contact an international student office for their undergraduate application.

Application Deadlines to Universities in Spain
Application dates of universities in Spain may vary according to universities and programs. University applications in Spain take place in two semesters: the first semester starts in September-October and ends in January-February, and the second semester starts February-March and ends in June-July. In order not to miss the application dates, you must follow the dates of the university you will apply to NGGlobal. Do not forget that you must have all the documents required by the university you are applying to ready at hand during the application. Applications with missing documents will not be considered.

Application Requirements
In order to be able to apply for a university in Spain, the application requirements of universities in Spain may vary according to the university and the program. But in general, you should consider the following conditions when applying to Spanish universities. In addition, students who want to receive undergraduate education must be entitled to study at a four-year state or foundation university as a result of OSYM placement. To enroll in an equivalent department in Turkey. Application requirements and requirements may differ between universities and programs.

In Which Cities In Spain Should You Study University?
There are many options for studying at a university in Spain. There are universities in every region and city of Spain. Considering students' preferences, interests, and goals, universities can be studied in many cities. Madrid, the capital of Spain, is home to the country's largest universities. Barcelona, ??the capital of Catalonia, is one of the most popular cities to study in Spain. Valencia, located on the Mediterranean coast, is another city preferred to study at a university in Spain. Prestigious universities such as the University of Valencia, the Polytechnic University and the Catholic University of Valencia are located in Valencia.

Which Majors Are Popular in Spanish Universities?
As Spain is a leading country in the tourism and hospitality industry, it is a popular destination for students wishing to study tourism and hospitality. These programs cover topics such as tourism management, hospitality management and gastronomy. Spain is famous for its historical and contemporary architectural examples. It is therefore a popular choice for students wishing to study architecture and urban planning. There are many options for students wishing to study engineering in Spain. Programs are offered in areas such as industrial engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

What is the Ranking of Spanish Universities?
· The position of Spanish universities in world university rankings depends on the quality of the universities, their research work, teaching staff and their international reputation. A few universities in Spain occupy high positions in international rankings, while others may rank lower.

· International university rankings such as QS World University Rankings, Times Higher Education World University Rankings and Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) evaluate the performance of universities in Spain. These rankings evaluate universities by considering many factors, but there may be differences in their methodologies.

Here are some universities in Spain that occupy high positions in the rankings:

University of Barcelona
Autónoma University (Madrid)
Complutense University (Madrid)
Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona)
Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Barcelona)

These universities stand out with factors such as research activities, international collaborations, academic reputation and teaching quality. However, many other ranked universities in Spain also offer high-quality teaching and research opportunities.

Is there Free Education in Spain
There is no free education system in Spain. Students usually pay tuition fees for university studies in Spain. However, tuition fees can differ between universities and programs. Public universities in Spain usually charge lower tuition fees, while private universities may have higher fees. For detailed information about university tuition fees and financial issues, you can contact NGGlobal consultants.

General Information About Spain
Spain is a country located in Southwest Europe. It borders Spain, Portugal, France, Andorra, England (Gibraltar), and Morocco (Ceuta and Melilla). Spain is famous for its rich historical and cultural heritage, beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, colorful festivals, and vibrant lifestyle. It is known for its unique cultural elements such as flamenco dancing, bullfighting, Gaudi's architecture, Salvador Dalí's art.

Frequently asked Questions
What are the Accommodation Opportunities in Spain?
There are various accommodation options for university students in Spain. Accommodation options in Spain can often vary depending on students' preferences, budgets and the city where the university is located. Many university campuses in Spain offer dormitory accommodation to students. Dormitories generally provide students with affordable accommodation and a social environment. Dormitories may have facilities such as single or shared rooms, shared kitchens, and social areas. At some universities, you may need to apply early for dormitory accommodation. Students can share accommodation costs by renting a house with other students. Home sharing offers a more independent lifestyle and can often be a more affordable option. Students share rent and other expenses with their roommates.

What are the Living Expenses in Spain?
Living expenses in Spain can vary depending on accommodation preferences, the city you live in and your lifestyle. Living costs are generally higher in larger cities, while smaller cities or rural areas may be more affordable.

Accommodation: around 300-600 euros (for shared or private apartments)
Food and drink: between 200-300 euros on average (it may be more economical if you cook at home)
Transportation: around 50-100 euros (student discounts available)
Books and course materials: between 50-100 euros on average
Personal expenses: between 100-200 euros on average

Is there YÖK equivalency in Spanish Universities?
Bachelor's or master's degrees obtained in Spain are recognized in Turkey. In Turkey, this equivalence is evaluated within the framework of the academic equivalence procedures carried out by YÖK. YÖK evaluates the equivalence of the education completed in Spain with the education system in Turkey. The climate in Spain is diverse. While the coastal areas have a Mediterranean climate, a more continental climate effect is seen in the interior. Therefore, the climate and weather conditions in different parts of the country can vary greatly. Spain is also an important country in the field of education. The country's many universities offer high-quality educational opportunities and are open to international students. In addition to Spanish, Spain also offers programs in English and other languages. Spain is a member of the European Union and is part of the Schengen Area. For this reason, there are travel and working facilities for citizens from EU and Schengen countries. Citizens of other countries are subject to visa requirements. In general, Spain is a country that attracts visitors with its rich cultural heritage, beautiful natural beauties, vibrant lifestyle, and diverse possibilities.

What can be the contribution of the consultancy firm to me in the application?
NGGlobal Overseas consultancy firms can make a significant contribution to you by offering a range of services related to university applications. You will have the confidence created by professional consultants against all problems that may arise during the application process. Also, you will never waste time in solving all these problems. Unfortunately, many students get frustrated at the end of their application period because of small details that seem simple. It provides you with detailed information about university applications and guides you through the process. They guide you through application requirements, calendars, documents, and other important information. Our consulting firm works with you to assess your goals and interests. Then, it determines the most suitable universities for you and creates your application strategy. This strategy includes which universities you should apply to, the timing of the application process, and other important factors. It guides you through visa application, paperwork preparation, and other official procedures. NGGlobal ensures that your application runs smoothly throughout the entire process.

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