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Australia Language Schools

Our overseas education consultants have brought together the popular cities where you can get Australia'da language education for you.

Australia Language Schools

Australia'da Popular Cities for Language Education

Language School in Australia

Information on Australian Language Schools

Australian Language Schools
Since it is accepted as a universal language, using English at a good level brings many advantages. Having a command of a globally valid language such as English in almost every country in the world enables you to climb the career ladder more solidly. It is possible to talk about many methods to improve English language skills. Today, language schools abroad are among the most efficient options that can be preferred in this process. Especially turning to countries that are identified with language schools will pave the way for learning English effectively in a much shorter time.

One of the countries that comes to mind when language schools are mentioned is undoubtedly Australia. Although there are serious distances between the two countries, Australian language schools today gather thousands of students from Turkey. Major cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide are generally preferred for language education in Australia. By enrolling in world-renowned language schools here, you can have a social experience that you will not forget throughout your life, and you can have the chance to learn English in person.

So how to apply to Australian language schools? What are the advantages of Australian language schools? What are the fees and training programs of Australian language schools? You can find the answers to these questions on this page, but you can get support from NG Global's professional consultants for much more concrete and detailed answers.

Language Education in Australia
With a population of over 20 million, Australia is one of the most modern countries in the world, with the lowest crime rate and the highest standard of living. Those who want to spend time in such a country and get involved in an intensive English education program while getting to know different cultures closely can enroll in Australian language schools without hesitation. You can make your choice among the numerous language schools in the country to be one of these lucky people.

Australia is one of the countries identified with language schools. Considering the intense interest in both universities and language schools, we can say that educational tourism in Australia has a great potential. In addition to the fact that the prices of language schools are affordable compared to many countries, the flexibility provided in work permits is among the most important reasons for the demand here. Foreigners who come here for language education are allowed to work 20 hours a week. People who want to study language in the country can benefit from boutique schools or chain schools. People who want to improve their English quickly, effectively and practically can benefit from different training programs at Australian language schools. English is the official language of Australia. Students enrolled in language schools in the country have to take at least 25 hours of lessons per week. Australia is an ideal address for those who are planning to study a language for a long time.

In Australian language schools that offer a highly qualified English education to international students, you can encounter cutting-edge technology, modern materials and dedicated instructors. The qualification criteria for trainers here are very strict. Quality standards are expected to be maintained for the continuity of accreditation. You can enroll in these language schools to prepare for specific exams such as FCE, CAE, BEC, IELTS, to take your career one step further or to improve your English before university education.

Australian Language School Education Programs
People who want to study language in Australia can choose different education programs depending on their needs or demands. At this point, there may be differences in criteria such as curriculum, course contents and duration of education between each education program. Most of the language schools in the country have attendance requirements. Whichever training program you choose, you will most likely encounter the 80% attendance requirement. Educational programs offered within Australian language schools include:

  • General English
  • IELTS Preparation
  • Business English
  • Professional English Courses
  • Academic English Education
  • Advanced English Education

It is usual for you to study for 2 weeks or 52 weeks, depending on the program you prefer. It is possible to transition to a higher level immediately after an average of 10-week periods. Most training programs focus on pronunciation, practice, reading, listening, speaking, writing or grammar. In intensive English programs, weekly lessons can reach 30 hours. Depending on the purpose for which you want to learn English, you should turn to the right education programs.

Application to Australian Language Schools
Although each language school in Australia has its own specific admission rules, the conditions are generally close to each other. Students who want to study a language in Australia must fill out the application forms completely. Personal information in these application forms includes basic information such as your current or retrospective education information, the education program you want to receive, and your residence. Most language schools in the country accept students from the age of 18. However, although rare, there are schools that accept students over the age of 16.

During the application process, schools want to see your language proficiency and level. For this reason, they organize level measurement exams. Your participation in the exam is of great importance for you to start at the right and ideal level. The school will shortly evaluate your application and confirm your enrollment. After the approval, the visa-related process begins. As the NG Global family, we provide students with the necessary consultancy support during the difficult visa process and prevent them from getting stuck in bureaucratic obstacles. By the way, before enrolling in the school, you should have the most up-to-date information about the registration fee or the course fee. We will inform you about the Australian language school prices in the rest of our content.

Advantages of Language Schools in Australia
Australia has one of the most modern and effective systems in the world, both in terms of university and language school. For experienced trainers, comfortable accommodation options and a quality language education, you can choose Australia like many others. The only negative aspect of Australia is that it is unfortunately far from many countries in terms of location. However, the advantages of language schools balance this negative situation. We can list the general privileges of Australian language schools as follows:

  • It has the most prestigious and exclusive language schools in the world.
  • It is much more economical than many countries that are famous for their language schools, especially in America and England.
  • It has very livable cities with low crime rates.
  • A significant part of language schools are in city centers.
  • Students are officially given a work permit.
  • It promises a lot about social life with its nature and entertainment life.
  • Since the official language is English, you will have the opportunity to improve your English in social life as well as in language schools.
  • As the language schools in the country are constantly inspected, they can maintain their quality standards.
  • In Australia, you have the chance to be in the same environment with thousands of foreign students like you. This will be an element that accelerates your adaptation process.

Accommodation Opportunities in Australia
It is not only the quality of the education programs that makes language schools in Australia so special. The system reveals its success at every stage of the organization. One of these parameters is, of course, the subject of accommodation. The abundance of accommodation options is of great importance for both university students and those who enroll in language schools. Especially if you have chosen long-term training programs, accommodation opportunities will become even more important for you.

Accommodation options in Australia include homestay, student dormitories, shared student apartments and rental apartments. All these accommodation options have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can make the most suitable choice according to your own budget and the length of your stay in Australia.

The most important advantage of homestays is that it contributes to language learning skills. This type of accommodation also creates a great opportunity for those who want to experience Australian culture up close. Compared to apartments, homestays are more economically viable. The most important advantage of the dormitories is that they prepare the ground for you to be together with the students and they are close to the language school in terms of location. In shared student apartments, areas such as toilets, kitchens and bathrooms are common areas. Depending on your budget, you can choose double or single rooms.

Australian Student Visa
People who want to go to Australia for language schools must obtain a student visa. The Australian student visa is basically divided into two. The first of these is the education visa, and the second is the temporary graduation visa. Education visa is also known as “Subclass 500”, temporary graduation visa “Subclass 485”. If you get a temporary graduation visa, you can stay in the country and gain work experience after your education is over.

You should not start visa procedures before the registration process is finalized. Your visa duration may vary according to your education program. You can get free visa consultancy from NG Global.

Australian Language Schools Prices
Australian language school prices vary according to different criteria for schools, as can be expected. Among these criteria are the prestige of the language school, educational programs, the quality of the instructor, the technological opportunities offered by the language school, the location of the language school, its physical conditions, accommodation opportunities, social and cultural activities, etc. can be sorted. Payments at Australian language schools are mostly in Australian Dollars. AUD is lower than other currencies. You can contact the NG Global team to reach the most up-to-date prices for the language school you want to enroll in.

Life in Australia
Located in the southern hemisphere, Australia is seen in many ways as one of the most unique and interesting countries in the world. Located between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, the country's neighbors include Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, New Zealand and the Solomon Islands. While many people know Australia's capital city as Sydney, the country's capital is actually Canberra, a relatively newer city. Despite this, we can say that Sydney and Melbourne are the most popular and touristic cities.

Life and cultural elements in Australia are largely reminiscent of England. The lucky country, which contains the most livable cities in the world, has a very high level of prosperity. You can witness the natural wonders and exotic beaches of the country, which has a highly developed economy and workforce.

Since a very important majority of the people do not experience any economic problems, the number of people who focus on artistic and cultural activities is quite high. No matter which city you are in at any time of the year, you may encounter a cultural/artistic event that can open your horizons. Racism and nationalism do not make themselves felt in the country, which has a multicultural structure.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Many Days Does an Australian Student Visa Take?
The Australian student visa is finalized in an average of 15 days, but this may still vary depending on specific circumstances. Depending on the high application density or the specific problems in the application files, you may have to wait for a while for the final result. In some cases, this process can take up to 2 months. Don't forget to get support from NG Global for your visa to be concluded perfectly as soon as possible!

Is It Easy to Find a Job in Australia?
The Australian government allows foreign students to work part-time. Of course, incoming students must study for at least 13 weeks or more. On weekends, the leave is increased from half to full time. Students who go to Australia from Turkey can generally work in restaurants, cafes and libraries. On the other hand, working under the umbrella of Uber Eats is also quite common.

How is the Climate Conditions in Australia?
In Australia, which is included in the continent of Oceania, it is normal to encounter the sun in all four seasons. Seasons are reversed in our country. In other words, while it is summer in Turkey, it is winter here. You may encounter a tropical climate on the coast or south.

What to do in the first week of language school?
When you enroll in a language school of your choice in Australia, you will likely encounter orientation-based activities in the first week. In this critical period, it will be important for your harmony to get to know your school, instructors or the relevant facility better. On the other hand, on the first day, you will be subjected to a level test to be included in the right class.

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