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Malta Language Schools

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Language School in Malta

Information on Malta Language Schools

Malta Language Schools 
Malta, located in the south of Italy, is an island country close to Turkey. English and Maltese languages are spoken in Malta. Due to its proximity to our country, Malta is a very attractive place to learn English. Language schools are very common in Malta, which is about 2.5 hours away from Turkey. It is preferred not only in our country, but also in many countries, both to learn a language and to take a vacation. Maltese language schools have a reputation around the world. This is why studying in Malta is an extremely popular orientation. Malta, which is also a European Union country, has much more affordable living costs compared to countries such as England. For this reason, students give priority to Maltese language schools, which are a much more economical option to learn English. Many students around the world who are motivated to learn English enroll in language schools here. In addition, since it is an ideal holiday country, the demand for language schools increases even more especially in the summer periods. The language school has the capacity to meet this demand. On the one hand, you can take a vacation while learning a language, and on the other hand, you can learn English in Malta by practicing with international students. Since this is a Mediterranean country, the people of Malta are generally friendly. While going to language school, you will have the opportunity to improve your English by communicating with the people of the region. When you choose the language schools here, you are entitled to receive an English certificate that will be valid all over the world.

Malta Student Visa
Since Malta is a European Union country, Schengen visa is applied. This visa is required both to be a student at a language school or to go on vacation. The documents required to obtain a student visa must be submitted to the consulate in full. You can get support from a consultancy firm so that your documents are not missing. This is exactly where you can benefit from NG Global's professional consultancy support opportunities and expert staff.

Malta Language School Education Programs
You determine your language education in Malta according to your own level and needs. There are language training programs here to meet many demands. All year study programs in Malta have different schedules and durations. You can choose education programs such as General English or Intensive English. In addition to these, there are also language training programs for IELTS preparation and TOEFL preparation. If you wish, you can attend language school training programs to improve your business English or academic English. Language school options such as summer camp are also available for students under the age of 18. We would like to remind you that you can go to this type of education program without knowing any English, that is, just to learn a language from scratch. Whichever program you go to, you are entitled to receive the certificate of the last level you came in that program. In General English programs, you take lessons such as reading, writing, speaking and listening for around 20 hours per week. Grammar and practical classes are also included in general English education programs. In intensive English programs, the class time is around 30 hours. It is a type of program where you will study much more than the General English program. In the programs you attend for IELTS preparation and TOEFL preparation, studies are carried out for exams. In addition to the lessons we mentioned in other English programs, preparatory tests are made with questions that came out in the exam. If you are going to a language school for business English, you will study English used in job applications, interviews, meetings or presentations. Academic English programs are generally preferred by those with graduate plans. The information required for the master's program is usually given in academic English language education programs with an intensive program.

Accommodation Options in Malta
Many accommodation options in Malta are determined by the budget and the demands of the person going for English language education. Students who will go to education can be offered options such as dormitories and apartments, as well as options such as homestay accommodation by language schools. If you choose the homestay option, the families you will be staying with will most likely be hosting international students for a long time. In addition, this option is more economical than dormitory and apartment options. In this way, you can also have the opportunity to learn about Maltese culture. In this way, you have options such as single or double rooms with or without meals. If you are going to choose to stay in the dormitory, you should know that some schools are within the dormitory, while others are at a distance. Distances are usually not very far in Malta, even outside the school. In addition to the dining options in the dormitories, the non-meal options have a shared kitchen. You can prepare your food by doing your own grocery shopping in this area. In the apartments, 3-5 people use one flat in common. You can stay in single or double rooms and prepare your own meals in the common kitchens like in the dormitories. In addition to these options, you can rent a private apartment. Of course, you can also consider options such as hotels according to your budget. Having an area where you can rest comfortably when you attend language schools in Malta is a very important issue in terms of productivity. The options offered by language schools are generally more economically viable. You can shape your decision according to your needs and expectations.

Curious About Malta Language Schools
Maltese language schools are world-renowned and have a high quality of education. International students come to Malta from many countries and prefer to learn languages at various levels here. They get the opportunity to practice in a country where the official language is English, by going to a language school there. In addition to learning a language, it should not be ignored that Malta is a holiday country. Taking a vacation and learning a language at the same time can be considered a very good opportunity for most students. It is possible to get a quality language education by enjoying the mild climate, beautiful nature and beaches with Malta language schools. Language schools act meticulously according to the national accreditation program. Education is given here with the English system and the majority of the instructors are English. Language schools are inspected every year in order not to lower the level of education quality. Malta is one of the most preferred countries for language education with its proximity to our country and reasonable price options. In addition, it is possible to receive language training according to many different levels and needs. In addition, when you go to study in Malta, you have the chance to travel to other European countries thanks to the Schengen visa. It is relatively easier to get a visa than to study a language in other countries. The most preferred city for language education in Malta is the capital, Veletta. This city is followed by Sliema. Sliema is a central city where you can easily find shopping malls, beaches and different areas of activity. Another language school city you can head to in Malta for language education is Saint Julian's. With its golden sandy beaches, especially in summer, this city attracts much more attention from students. If you are interested in water sports and nature activities besides language education, you can add this special city to your list. The city of Swieqi, which also has nightlife and entertainment centers, is also a very good option. Since this is a central place, you can feel comfortable especially at the transportation point. In addition, since it is a region where more local people live, you will have the opportunity to get to know its culture closely. The city of Gzira, where you can study, is one of the favorites of international university students. This place has developed tremendously in the last 100 years with its towering buildings and contemporary atmosphere.

Language School Prices in Malta
Language schools in Malta are usually opened as a branch of English language schools. Compared to the UK, studying a language in Malta is a more economical option. Although it is more affordable than not only England but also many countries in the world, the quality of education is high. Education prices at language schools vary according to the duration of education. In addition, the choice of accommodation also affects the price itself. It is known that the prices increase in this period as the number of students who want to study language in Malta during the summer holidays increases. There are still suitable options for students who want to spend their summer vacation here by studying a language. We recommend that you seek support from a professional consultancy firm to study language in Malta during the summer and other times of the year. You can benefit from the consultancy of NG Global to get price information about suitable language school and accommodation options for language education in Malta. You can cover all your expenses here with the fee you will pay only for language education in England, Canada or America.

About Malta
Many different civilizations have lived in Malta from past to present. The capital of Malta is the city of Valletta. In addition to the official language of English, Maltese is also spoken. All official correspondence, signage or restaurant menus are in English. One of the reasons why English is spoken is that it was a long-term British colony. The country, which gained its independence in 1964, remained under Ottoman rule for a while. After joining the EU in 2004, it switched to the Euro currency in 2008. Due to its proximity, there are obvious traces of Italian culture. In its cuisine, you can find touches of Arabic, English and Spanish cuisine as well as Italian cuisine. Again, due to the fact that the country is in the Mediterranean, it is normal to encounter warm and sincere people who are similar to the human structure in Turkey. The Republic of Malta consists of 3 large islands. These; Malta is the islands of Gozo and Comino. The population of the 316 square kilometers country is 493 thousand. In addition to language school tourism, holiday tourism is also common in the country. Besides these, fishing, agriculture and handicrafts were developed. Natural stone resources also contribute to the country's economy. In addition, support projects have also contributed to the country after it entered the European Union. So much so that many young investors have opened companies here because of the favorable tax rates. In general, there is a calm and peaceful life in Malta. Those who live here often work in government and private institutions. In addition to calmness, there is also a very active social life. People here also like to have fun and social activities. Participation in concerts, parties, meals or trips is shown. There are also many historical buildings. You can visit Baroque cathedrals from the Byzantine and Roman periods. Megalithic Temples, which are considered as one of the oldest structures in the world and included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, are also located here. Malta has a characteristic architectural texture from the Middle Ages. The country is also home to many natural harbors. Although traffic in Malta has no connection with England, it proceeds on the left as there. The sea and seafood of the country, where the average temperatures are relatively high, are quite clean.

Frequently asked Questions
What are the situations in which Malta visa cannot be obtained?
Students who did not graduate from university, did not have a good grade point average when they were university students, or had problems with absenteeism from school may not be able to obtain a visa. Again, people who have recently been denied a visa from Malta may not be able to get a visa again. In addition, being expelled from European countries for crime is among the important reasons for not getting a Malta student visa.

Is it easy to get a visa to go to Malta?
People who apply for a visa to go to Malta usually get a positive result. If you submit your documents completely and as requested at the visa application stage, you will have a very high probability of getting a positive response.

Can I work while studying language in Malta?
If you have enrolled in a language school for more than 90 days, you can work at the end of this period. With a student visa, you can work for 20 hours a week.

Can I find a job in Malta?
Once you complete certain criteria and have the right to work, you can find a job in line with your abilities. There may be staffing needs in many different businesses in Malta. When you go to Malta, you can find a job by looking at the advertisements in line with your own possibilities.

What should I consider when choosing a language school in Malta?
When you go to Malta for language school, it is important that you are not far from the city center. Most of the social opportunities are in the city centres. If you choose a language school outside the city, you will stay away from the social opportunities in the city. You should also pay attention to the distance between your accommodation and your language school. In addition, it is very important that the language school has an institutional structure. Campus size, technological facilities and education quality are also basic criteria.

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