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Ireland Language Schools

Our overseas education consultants have brought together the popular cities where you can get Ireland'de language education for you.

Ireland Language Schools

Ireland'de Popular Cities for Language Education

Language School in Ireland

What You Need to Know About Irish Language Schools

Irish Language Schools
Irish language schools are one of the most attractive options for studying English. Ireland, which stands out with its nature and entertainment culture, is the center of attention of many students due to its high education standards. Ireland is home to the world's largest technology companies. In recent years, Irish language schools have come to the fore as a popular option among students who want to study language in Turkey. One of the most obvious reasons for this situation is that language schools in Ireland are much more economical compared to England. In Ireland, the euro is used instead of the pound sterling. Since relatively few Turks live in the country, you can motivate yourself more in learning English. In addition, with its friendly people and safe environment, studying a language in Ireland will turn into a very enjoyable experience. You can experience all this special experience with the support of NG Global's professional consultants.

Language Education in Ireland
Since language schools in Ireland are constantly inspected, the quality and standards of education are above a certain level. On the other hand, when you go to a language school in Ireland, you will see that the class sizes are quite low. In this way, instructors can deal with students in a one-to-one way during your language education process. In this way, students can easily get the information they want from their instructors. One of the biggest advantages of studying a language in Ireland is to study in a country whose native language is English. In addition, Ireland is closer to Turkey than native English speaking countries. You can go to England from Turkey with a short flight of 5 hours. On the other hand, it is known that international students prefer Ireland to study English language. Contrary to popular belief, the English spoken in Ireland does not have a dominant accent. On the contrary, they have a clear English and a light accent of their own.

Language Education Programs in Ireland
You can choose General English and Intensive English programs as your language education program in Ireland. General English education program consists of two different options as morning and afternoon. You can enroll in the morning or afternoon programs of general English according to your level. In the intensive English program, you can choose if you have deficiencies in terms of grammar or if you have deficiencies in your English vocabulary. In the intensive English program, approximately 30 lessons per week are taught. In the General English program, this period is close to 20 lessons per week. Language education programs in Ireland are also prepared for exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge. Students can be included in exam preparation training programs. In addition to these programs, you can also attend business English, special courses for teachers or courses for academic purposes. Again, for language education students, you can enroll in English language education programs for special purposes such as English on holiday or business for special purposes, if you need it.

Cities where you can study language in Ireland
It is known that very few or almost no Turks live in cities other than Dublin, the capital of Ireland. The presence of native speakers is very important for practice while studying English. For these reasons, studying a language in Ireland has many privileges. Now, let's briefly examine the cities where you can study in Ireland, starting from the capital city of Dublin:

  • Dublin; It is located in the northeast of Ireland. Among the European countries, the city where the “happiest” people live was chosen. The nature, architectural structures and history of the city are also very interesting. Dublin, where giant technology companies are located, is also the center of technology. It has a high standard of living with a population of close to 1.5 million. It is also famous for its pubs. For students who will receive language education, it is a city with affordable living costs.
  • Limerick; It is located in the midwest region of Ireland. It is the third largest city in the county of Munster, with a population of around 95,000, and the fourth largest city in Ireland. Due to the fact that the majority of the population of the city is made up of students, it has become a city that has started to be preferred for language education.
  • Cork; Cork is located in the southwest of the country and is Ireland's second largest city. The city with many canals is also an industrial center. Its history is older than many European cities. It is a quiet city although it hosts approximately 36 thousand students throughout the year. In addition to getting a good language education in Cork, you can have a pleasant time at events such as the jazz festival.
  • Galway; It is the third largest city in Ireland and has a population of around 80 thousand. Galway, in the west of the country, stands out in areas such as tourism, education, culture and technology. The Galway language course that international students frequently prefer is also rich in diversity. NUI, one of Ireland's best universities, is located here.

Irish Language School Prices
As with many language schools, language school prices in Ireland vary. Language school prices differ according to the city where the language school is located and the duration of education. Some language schools organize periodic campaigns. You can find out the current language school prices by following these discount opportunities or by getting support from a reliable consultancy firm such as NG Global. Compared to England, since the Euro is used in Ireland, the tuition fees here are relatively more reasonable. It is a country preferred by both students in our country and many international students.

Language Education and Work Permit in Ireland
One of the most important and attractive issues for international students who will study language in Ireland is the granting of a work permit. Students who will attend language school for more than 25 weeks are given a work permit. In addition, while it is necessary to take 20 hours of lessons per week, students can work part-time in the remaining time. Students with a work permit can usually work in jobs in the tourism sector, cafes, bars or restaurants.

Irish Language Schools Accommodation
Homestay accommodation is the most preferred accommodation option for international students who go to Ireland to study language. Homestay accommodation is considered a good choice for both practicing English and getting to know Irish culture better. In addition, among the accommodation options of language schools, there are shared houses and dormitories. In addition to student dormitories, you can also choose to have a different student experience in shared flats.

Language School Visa in Ireland
To become a student in Ireland, you are expected to enroll in a language course of at least 15 hours. Type C Visa is issued for less than 90 days, and Type D Visa for periods longer than 90 days. It is worth remembering that those who have a student visa over 25 weeks are also given a work permit. In order to obtain an Irish visa, you must first fill out and sign the registration form for your preferred course. Then, your consultancy company will pay for the language school you will go to, and your visa application will be made. Your process continues by providing the necessary documents requested from you. Applications are made in big cities such as Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara determined by the Irish Embassy. These evaluations are completed in an average of 2 weeks. After your visa is approved, the consultancy firm informs the institution where you will receive language training.

Living Costs and Social Life in Ireland
Ireland is a country in northwestern Europe with a population of close to 5 million. The official languages are Irish and English, but the vast majority prefer English. It is the only English-speaking country among European countries. In terms of transportation costs, getting a student card reduces your transportation costs considerably. Cycling is also very common throughout the country. Since Dublin is the capital city, it is a little more expensive than other cities. There are many historical, cultural and touristic destinations to see in this country. You can also enjoy natural beauties as well as museums and festivals. The average price of 1 liter of milk in the country is 1 Euro, and the average price of bread is around 1.5 Euros.

Irish Language Schools Free Counseling
You can get free professional advice from NG Global for language education in Ireland. The NG Global team, which is an expert in the field of language education abroad, has expert staff to support you at every step of your language education journey.

Frequently asked Questions
Why should I study English in Ireland?
Ireland is the only English-speaking country in Europe. It is a more affordable option in terms of cost compared to the UK. On the other hand, you can learn English faster as the number of students from Turkey is low.

Can I extend my language studies and visa in Ireland?
Short-term Type C visas cannot be extended as they are single-entry. Type D visas can be extended and are issued for 8 months. It can be extended with training options such as a new language education or a master's degree.

Can I go to other countries with an Irish visa?
It is not possible to travel to other countries with an Irish visa. You can only travel within Ireland.

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