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Reasons for Working at NGGlobal

A Leading Institution

NGGlobal is a leading company in the field of study abroad consultancy. By working in our company, you can get the opportunity to work with an experienced and successful team in the sector.

Knowledge and Expertise

NGGlobal has years of experience and extensive expertise. By working in our company, you can specialize in subjects such as overseas education process, university and language school applications, visa processes and improve your knowledge in this field.

Miscellaneous Responsibilities and Career Development

You can work in various positions in different departments in NGGlobal. For example, you can work in areas such as student counseling, travel planning, sales, visa consultancy. This gives you the opportunity to take on different roles and responsibilities in your career.

Student-Focused Approach:

As NGGlobal, we attach great importance to student satisfaction. We understand the needs of students, we strive to provide them with the right guidance and the best service. By working at NGGlobal, you can adopt a student-oriented approach and improve your customer relations skills.

Professional Development Opportunities

As NGGlobal, we support the professional development of our employees. With opportunities such as in-house training programs, seminars and conferences, you can constantly improve yourself and follow the current trends in the industry.

International relations

As NGGlobal, we are a company with international relations. For this reason, we provide our employees with an international level of work experience. You can also gain work experience abroad by working at universities abroad.

Open Positions

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We are looking for trainee candidates who want to gain experience in sales and marketing.

University Leader
University Leader

A great opportunity awaits you to both study and gain work experience during your university years.

Education Consultant
Education Consultant

We are looking for full and part time consultants who want to gain experience in the field of study abroad.

Visa Staff
Visa Staff

We are looking for visa personnel who can follow and manage students' visa procedures.

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