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High School in Germany

What You Need to Know to Study High School in Germany

General Information About Germany
Germany is a federal parliamentary republic with a population of approximately 82 million. Germany, a central European country; It borders developed countries such as Belgium, Netherlands, France, Austria, Switzerland and Poland. Germany, which has the third largest economy in the world, also attracts attention with its touristic destinations. It is considered one of the most populated countries among European countries. Germany is the second country with the highest number of immigrants after the USA. Germany, which has 16 different states in total, is in the temperate climate zone of Central Europe. It is a leader among European Union countries with its large population and economic development.

There are two basic structures in the university education system of Germany, which is also in a leading position in terms of education and training, and the use of science and technologies. These; universities with academic and research structures and universities providing applied education. In addition, the authenticity of historical monuments in Germany has been largely preserved until today. International fairs, which are also attractive in terms of tourism, make an important contribution to the commercial development of the country. Germany; It is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe with its historical texture, cultural structure, settlement areas that include modern and town life. It is also a place worth exploring with its deep-rooted history, art and nature.

Germany High Schools
Secondary schools in Germany are generally divided into three different types: Gymnasium, Realschule and Hauptschule. In addition, an integrative type of school called the Gesamtschule has also become widespread in recent years. Here is general information about high school education in Germany:

Gymnasium: The most prestigious type of high school in Germany. The Gymnasium offers students a general and academic education and is university preparation focused. To study at the Gymnasium, students are generally required to have a good academic record and go through a selection process. The gymnasium usually ends in grade 9 or 10 with an exam called the Abitur, which determines your chances of being admitted to the university based on the result of the exam.

Realschule: Realschule is a type of high school that offers preparation for more vocational or technical careers. Realschule students find opportunities to develop practical skills as well as general education. Students graduating from the Realschule can attend vocational schools or vocational training programmes.

Hauptschule: Hauptschule is a type of high school that offers more practical skills-based education and focuses on developing professional skills. Hauptschule students have the possibility to join vocational training or the workforce early. However, in recent years the number of Hauptschules has decreased and has been replaced by integrative schools called Gesamtschule.

Gesamtschule: Gesamtschule is a type of high school that brings together students with different abilities and interests in a single school. In these schools, it is aimed to combine Gymnasium, Realschule and Hauptschule education. At the Gesamtschule, students can take different courses according to their level of education and then choose a path towards university or vocational training.

High school education in Germany usually lasts 9 or 10 years. However, training at the Gymnasium, which is a college preparatory program, can take 12 or 13 years. At the end of high school, students usually graduate with an Abitur or a vocational certificate. Applications for upper secondary education in Germany are usually made directly to local schools. The application process may vary depending on the local school system and state requirements.

Application Dates for German High Schools
Application deadlines for high schools in Germany may vary depending on the states and schools. Generally, applications are made in the autumn of the previous year. Here are the periods when high school applications are made in Germany in general:

Gymnasium and Realschule: Applications to schools such as Gymnasium and Realschule are usually made for 4th grade students. The application period is usually between October and December. During this period, parents and students fill out the application forms and submit the necessary documents to the schools. Application results are usually announced in March or April.

Gesamtschule: Applications to integrative schools such as the Gesamtschule are usually made for 4th or 6th grade students. Application deadlines may vary from state to state. Generally, applications are made between October and December and application results are announced in March or April.

Application processes and deadlines may vary by state and school. For this reason, it is important to visit the website of the ministry of education of the school or state you are applying to and check the current application deadlines. In addition, school guidance units or local education counselors can provide you with information on the correct application process.

Application Requirements for German High Schools
Application requirements for high schools in Germany may vary depending on the states and schools. But in general, the following conditions are common application requirements:

Academic Performance: When applying to high school in Germany, the student's academic performance is an important factor. It is common to consider students' grades in previous semesters, particularly their achievement in core subjects such as mathematics, German and English.

Language Proficiency: Language proficiency is an important factor when applying to high schools in Germany. German is usually the main language required for applications. During the application process, you may take language tests or be called for interviews to assess your language skills.

Application Form and Documents: When applying to high schools, you usually need to fill out an application form and submit the required documents. These documents may include student information, transcripts, teacher or mentoring references, a motivation letter and a photocopy of a passport.

Exams and Interviews: Some schools may require students to attend exams or interviews during the application process. These tests or interviews can be used to assess your general abilities, academic level or language skills.

Application Fees: Some schools may charge an application fee. These fees may be a financial obligation to get you involved in the application process.

How to apply, the required documents and other application requirements are detailed in the official resources published on the website of the school or state concerned. Therefore, it is important to check the current application requirements by visiting the website of the school you are considering applying to.

In Which Cities In Germany Should You Study High School?
There are many cities in Germany where you can attend high school. Which city to study for high school can vary depending on personal preferences, educational needs and goals. Here are some of the cities that can be preferred to study high school in Germany:

Berlin: The capital of Germany, Berlin is a large city with a variety of high school options. It stands out with its cultural diversity, arts and entertainment opportunities.

Munich: The capital of the state of Bavaria, Munich is known for its high schools of education. It also draws attention with its cultural richness, historical sites and beautiful natural environment.

Hamburg: The second largest city in Germany, Hamburg has an important position as a port and a commercial center. It offers a variety of high school options and is rich in cultural activities.

Cologne: Located on the banks of the Rhine, Cologne is famous for its historical and cultural heritage. The city offers a wide variety of high school options.

Heidelberg: Heidelberg is a city known for its universities and the quality of education. It is also famous for its romantic atmosphere and historical buildings.

Stuttgart: Stuttgart, the industrial and automotive center of Germany, draws attention with its high education standards. It is strong in the fields of technology and engineering.

Frankfurt: Frankfurt is known as a financial center and an international business centre. It stands out with its high schools with well-educated teachers.

These are just a few examples, and many other cities in Germany also have schools offering quality upper secondary education. When choosing high school, it is important to consider factors such as the city's education quality, campus facilities, cultural and social life opportunities.

Free High School Education in Germany
Secondary education in Germany is usually free in public schools. Public schools form the basis of Germany's education system and the majority of education costs are covered by the state. Therefore, education at public high schools is free for German citizens and legal residents of Germany. Free education in public high schools applies to both high school types such as Gymnasium (preparatory for university) and Realschule (vocational education focused). However, some private education institutions such as private schools or international schools may charge fees. In addition, some students living in Germany have scholarships and financial support opportunities depending on their financial situation. Scholarships may be awarded depending on the success of the students, socioeconomic conditions and other determined criteria. These scholarships can be provided by private foundations, associations or the government. For precise information on fees or scholarships for upper secondary education in Germany, it is important that you contact the education ministry of the school you are applying to or the relevant state and consult up-to-date information.

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