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France Language Schools

Our overseas education consultants have brought together the popular cities where you can get France'de language education for you.

France Language Schools

France'de Popular Cities for Language Education

Language School in France

What You Need to Know About Language Schools in France

Language Schools in France
Getting a university or language education in France, one of the most modern countries in Europe, is the dream of many people. Having a command of languages with global validity will take you one step ahead in both your education life and your professional life. French language schools are a very reasonable option to learn French, which is considered one of these languages, on site. In order to learn French, enrolling in language schools in this country and being included in education programs that meet expectations are among the most effective solutions. If you want to get to know French culture closely and improve yourself in French, one of the most popular languages in the world, you can take a look at French language schools. As in university education, advancing the process with professional counselors in language schools will provide you with very important guidance. You can meet NG Global, which offers free consultancy service, and you can access the most up-to-date information you may need at many points before enrolling in French language schools.

Language Education in France
French; Just like Chinese, Italian, German, Spanish or English, it is among the most desired languages to be learned in the world. Learning this language in one's homeland provides countless privileges. Being one of the important centers of art, culture and tourism, France is known as one of the most civilized countries in Europe. Those who want to study language in France usually head to the language schools located here during the summer months. It is normal to meet international students in the cities of France, as it includes the best universities in the world. Learning French in language schools, accompanied by an intensive program, is a factor that makes a difference, as it is a bit more difficult to learn compared to other languages. French is spoken as an official language in 33 countries around the world, which will give you advantages both in your academic and business life and in your social life. It is also a second language in countries with high business potential such as Canada. In Europe, the percentage of people who speak French in countries such as Belgium and Switzerland is at a remarkable level. You can also take your place in the best quality language schools in France to start from scratch or improve your existing level.

Language Education Programs in France
The education programs of the language schools in France have a wide range of options depending on the expectations and needs of the students. Language schools will organize exams that will test you in order to enroll you in education programs that match your level. Regardless of the level, you can choose a program type of your choice. Each training program has been created for a different purpose. Language education programs in France are generally as follows:

  • General French Education Program
  • One-to-One Lessons
  • DELF Exam Preparation Courses
  • Intensive French
  • Business French
  • University Preparation Programs

You can plan the intensity of the programs offered by the schools or the number of lessons per week from the beginning according to your budget. The training generally ranges from 20 to 35 lesson hours during the week. For example, the Intensive French education program has an average of 30 lessons per week, and the General French education program has an average of 20 lessons per week.

Cities where you can study language in France
Paris is one of the cities you will prefer to study language in France. At the same time, the fact that it is the capital city and has places identified with France increases the interest in this popular city. Therefore, language schools in Paris attract a little more attention. Apart from this, it is possible to encounter French language schools in important cities such as Lyon, Montpellier, Lyon, Rouen and Nice. These language schools are mostly located in city centres. This provides an important transportation advantage.

France Language School Prices
It is possible to find options suitable for every budget in language schools. The quality bar of language schools is determined by their education programs, geographical location, instructor staff, prestige and references of the language school, physical conditions or general facilities. Especially the city where the language school you choose is located is a factor that directly affects the prices. You can also prioritize the language school opportunities that best suit your budget. In the meantime, the choices made in terms of accommodation are also effective in the management of the budget in general. Language training programs are flexible and therefore personalized pricing will occur. In addition, current special promotions can be taken as a measure in the prices of the French language school.

Language Education and Work Permit in France
One of the most frequently asked questions by international students who want to improve their language skills by going to France, one of the most popular countries in Europe, is whether they have a work permit there. As it is known, people who go to various European countries for language education or university have the chance to meet their expenses thanks to a work permit. We cannot talk about such an official permission for language school students in France. The only way to obtain a work permit while studying in France is to enroll in a higher education program. In France, these students are entitled to 964 hours of official work per year. However, as we emphasized above, this does not apply to language school students.

France Language Schools Accommodation
Turkish students who want to go to language school in France will be waiting for many alternatives. The fact that France has not only language schools but also world-class universities makes many cities here known as "student cities". When choosing between accommodation options, you should consider your budget, the distance of your accommodation from the language school and the level of comfort as criteria. As a matter of fact, these types of criteria are factors that personally affect accommodation costs. One of the most preferred accommodation options in France is homestay accommodation. This option also gives you the opportunity to get to know the culture of the country closely. In addition, accommodation options such as shared flats, hostels, dormitories, studio flats and hotels can be made. Dormitories usually consist of rooms for 2 or 3 people. This accommodation option gives you the opportunity to be with a large number of international students.

Language School Visa in France
Turkish students who want to study at language schools in France in the short or long term must have a French language school visa. Persons whose education period will not exceed 3 months may have the chance to receive education with Schengen visas. However, if such a scenario is not possible, a visa must be obtained in accordance with the current procedures between the two countries. student visas; It is examined in two separate groups as short-term and long-term. These are also called C-type and D-type visas. If you want to get detailed information about the application phase, the delivery of documents and the duration of the transaction, you can get professional support from NGGlobal.

Living Costs and Social Life in France
You can reach France from Turkey in 3 hours and 40 minutes by plane. France, which hosts the most touristic destinations in the world, is an expensive country compared to some European countries. There are traces of a temperate climate in the northern parts of the country, which has a time difference of 2 hours with Turkey, and the Mediterranean climate in the southern parts. Since the high-speed train system is highly developed, you can easily explore many cities of the country. Apartments in France, which is close to countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Austria, are in the range of 600-900 Euros. 1 meal is around 13 Euros on average. You can cover your monthly transportation expenses by paying 50 Euros.

French Language Schools Free Counseling
For those who want to improve in their career or academic life, it is very important to turn to the right language schools. The process of enrollment in language schools; It will be important to get support from professional consultants because it includes very critical topics such as accommodation, visa, training program. For a much healthier application process, you can choose NG Global with its consultants who provide professional service in language schools, university applications or certification processes.

Frequently asked Questions
What are the most known or preferred language schools in France?
In many cities of France, you can find popular language schools that fit your budget. However, considering the application statistics, we can say that language schools such as Eurocentres, L'etoile Paris, LSI and Lyon Blue stand out a little more.

Can I go to France as a student with a green passport?
Turkish students with a green passport have the right to receive education without a visa, provided that it does not exceed 90 days.

Why should I study a language in France?
The education system in France is highly respected not only in Europe but also around the world. The fact that French is accepted as a trade language in the EU, this language is spoken as an official or second language in many countries, and the country's level of prosperity and development make French language schools a great opportunity for young people.

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