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England Language Schools

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Language School in England

Information on UK Language Schools

English Language Schools
Those who want to learn English, which is considered to be the most popular language in the world, in their home country, turn to language schools spread over different cities of England. England, which is the most ideal country in many ways to learn English, contains hundreds of language schools. If you want to actively benefit from English in your academic adventure, career or social life, you can enroll in language schools with different budgets and education programs. Language education is considered a professional sector in its own right in the UK. Thanks to the strict inspections, all language schools in the country maintain their quality standards at a certain level. Thanks to the language school you will choose, you can witness the British culture very closely as well as having a unique experience. Although it is possible to receive language education in many European countries, a very special emphasis should be placed on England. England, one of the first countries that comes to mind when language schools are mentioned, is also a point of attraction with its cultural, economic and social wealth. With the support of NGGlobal, it is possible to head to the language school that best suits your budget and expectations.

Language Education in the UK
England is generally the first country preferred by those who want to learn English efficiently. A significant part of the language schools in the country consists of well-established institutions. In England, where the system works quite successfully, there can be found a language school suitable for almost every budget and expectation. Schools must be accredited by the British Council in London. On the other hand, there are language schools accredited by institutions such as Quality English, IALC or The English Network. England has a worldwide record for the number of language schools. These are evenly spread across many cities, including England's smallest cities. For students who plan to go to university in the UK, such language schools provide a great advantage in terms of improving themselves and adapting to the country in the short term. Some of the language schools in the country are chain schools and therefore simultaneously represented in different cities of the world. These schools are managed in a relatively more professional manner. On the other hand, language schools, which attract attention with their boutique structures, are known for their warm and friendly structures. Finally, let us remind you that some of the language schools in England serve under the roof of a university or college. You can get support from NG Global's experienced and expert consultants while choosing the most ideal choice for you.

Language Education Programs in England
Many different education programs are waiting for people who prefer the island country England for language school. These programs are generally created by considering the dynamics of the specific field in which students want to improve themselves. For example, introductory programs are recommended for students with low language proficiency. Thematic English trainings are provided for those who want to study language for a specific purpose. On the other hand, programs included for long-term intensive programs or areas such as business/academy are also noteworthy. We can basically list the language education programs in the UK as follows:

  • Intensive English
  • General English
  • Academic English
  • Private English courses
  • Business English
  • University preparation courses
  • Semi-intensive English programs
  • Exam preparation courses
  • Special certificate programs for English teachers
    summer courses

Cities where you can study language in the UK
An important part of English language schools are gathered in London, which is also the capital of the country. Large institutions, especially those with international branches, are largely based in London. Since London is a relatively expensive city, there are many cities that you can choose according to your budget. Some of these regions are; Manchester, Brighton, Oxford, Bristol, Cambridge. Not all language schools are located in city centres. Some of its schools may be located outside the city itself or in the coastal towns themselves. Locations will of course make tangible differences in wages.

UK Language School Prices
England, which has the world's most successful and efficient education system in language schools, hosts thousands of students from different parts of the world every year. Education costs are among the priority criteria in the language schools students attend. Living conditions, cultural and social differences between cities are other criteria that students pay attention to. Prices vary depending on the program of study, city, type of accommodation, location of the school, physical conditions of the school or the prestige of the school. For more affordable prices, you should definitely clarify the campaigns and discount opportunities that continue throughout the year with NGGlobal.

UK Language Education and Work Permit
Unfortunately, you cannot get a work permit while studying language in the UK. The government has very clear and strict rules on this issue. Persons who are found to be working illegally while receiving language training may face certain sanctions. In the case of university students, this situation is relatively relaxed.

English Language Schools Accommodation
When you come to England, which is home to the most respected language schools in the world, many attractive accommodation options welcome you. Accommodation is one of the most important issues for students before they study language. The type of accommodation you choose affects both your budget and your safety and comfort level. It even directly affects your language development, which is your purpose of coming. Homestay accommodation is advantageous in terms of getting to know different cultures. On the other hand, staying in dormitories can be an advantage in terms of language practice with foreign students. Renting an apartment is the most comfortable type of accommodation, although it is relatively costly. Student sharing houses, on the other hand, stand out with their budget-friendly conditions. You should pay special attention to the short distance between your accommodation and the language school.

Language School Visa in England
It is not possible to talk about a visa type called the UK language school visa directly. Instead, you can apply for a student visa that is suitable for you, depending on the length of your stay in the UK. If the education you will receive at the language school is less than 6 months, you should apply for a tourist visa. Students who need to study in the range of 6-11 months can benefit from a long-term student visa. The visa that students in this group will receive is also known as the “Tier 4 General Student Visa”. You can contact NGGlobal for documents and other details about the UK student visa.

Living Costs and Social Life in the UK
England, one of the most modern countries in Europe, is naturally accepted as the center of English. Food and beverage, rent, groceries, transport, clothing and social expenses are largely responsible for living costs in the UK. England has many student-friendly cities with a standard of living above many European countries. You can witness many ethnic identities and lifestyles in the country that makes a difference with its cultural richness. The average temperature in England, which can receive precipitation throughout the year, is quite low compared to Turkey. During your stay here, it is normal to encounter many sportive and artistic events. It is possible to find traces of this culture and habit even in the smallest towns. The country, which is a pioneer in sports such as rugby, football and polo, has dozens of different English accents. You can pay 9-10 Euros for a meal in an average restaurant in London. On the other hand, 1 liter of milk is 0.90 Euros, 12 eggs are 2.1 Euros, 1 kg of cheese is 6 Euros, and a one-way transportation ticket is 2.50 Euros.

English Language Schools Free Counseling
Of course, language schools come first among the elements that will contribute to your language learning processes. Enrolling in language schools in countries where English is spoken as an official language will make serious contributions to your language mastery. But language schools; It includes many stages from accommodation to visa, from training programs to registration. If you want to enroll in the most reasonable language school for you without any problems, you can meet the NGGlobal team, which has been working professionally for years. NGGlobal offers free counseling support to students who want to apply to UK language schools.

Frequently asked Questions
Is it possible to work while studying in the UK?
It is not legally possible for someone who comes to England to study at language schools to work in this process. If you do not comply with these procedures, certain penalties may apply to you.

What level of English is required in UK language schools?
When you want to be included in English language schools, the language school in question does not require any proficiency requirements from you. These types of conditions will often appear in university applications. If you are in a very poor position in English, you can enroll in introductory programs.

What are the starting dates of English language schools?
As in universities, applications are not made only in a certain period of the year. Language school registrations are active throughout the year. Except for rare examples, education in English language schools generally starts on Mondays.

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