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Canada Language Schools

Our overseas education consultants have brought together the popular cities where you can get Canada'da language education for you.

Canada Language Schools

Canada'da Popular Cities for Language Education

Language School in Canada

Information About Canadian Language Schools

Canadian Language Schools
Canada stands out as a country with an extremely high level of welfare. In addition to its proximity to America, the low crime rates make the language schools here attractive. Canadian dollars are used as currency in Canada. This currency is; The US Dollar has a lower exchange rate compared to the Euro or Sterling. Thanks to the way Canadian people approach foreigners, your adaptation process in the country is generally easy. Canada, whose official language is English, is one of the most preferred countries for international students to learn languages. The second official language spoken in Canada is French. Welcoming thousands of students every year, Canada is among the most livable countries in the world. At the same time, the fact that it has many different options in terms of language schools makes Canada privileged. The curricula created in Canadian language schools are at an exemplary level.

Language Education in Canada
Canada is a highly developed country in every respect. This development is clearly reflected in both universities and language schools. Language courses in Canada are constantly subject to strict controls. Especially cities such as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are among the few education centers in the world. Taking language education in a country that is so advanced in education in the world ranking is considered a very right decision. Due to the need for the workforce in Canada, you can have the opportunity to both study and work here. One of the most attractive aspects of studying a language in Canada is being in contact with native English speakers. On the other hand, the country is also a suitable country for French language education. The fact that many international students live here will provide an unforgettable experience while studying the language. In terms of cost, studying at private language schools is a relatively affordable option.

Canadian Language School Education Programs
The most valid reason why Canada is preferred for language education is, of course, that English comes first as its official language. French, its other official language, may also be a reasonable justification for attending language school here. On the other hand, the coexistence of the American exam system TOEFL and the English exam system IELTS exams makes Canada stand out in language education. There are many different language school options for these exam systems, apart from education. You can attend language schools in Canada for General English, Intensive English or Business English. In addition, you can study language in Canada for Cambridge FCE and CAE exam preparation classes or for TESOL certificate programs. In education programs such as general and intensive English, you usually study between 20-30 hours per week. These times may vary depending on the selected program. Generally, classes in language schools are in classes of 10-15 people. After the placement test, you will be placed in a class suitable for your level.

Cities where you can study language in Canada
Canada is one of the best countries to study a language. Both language schools and universities take a rigorous approach to maintain quality standards in education. We can list the most preferred cities for language education in Canada as follows:

Toronto: It is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. Toronto, the capital of the Province of Ontario, is a large metropolis with over 5 million people. Immigrants make up more than half of the population. For these reasons, it is very suitable for international students to receive language education. Urban transportation in Toronto is also very convenient.
Vancouver: It is the third largest city in Canada and different ethnic identities live here, just like in Toronto. Vancouver is in the province of British Columbia. The first destination for international students who want to study English is usually Vancouver. There are also sports and social activity opportunities in this city where the student population is dense.
Montreal: Located in the province of Quebec, Montreal is Canada's second largest city. Montreal is known as the second most French-speaking city after Paris. Over 4 million people live in this city and the most respected universities/language schools in the world are located in this city.
Ottawa: Canada's capital and sixth largest city. Here you can experience the privilege of being intertwined with nature as well as city life. You can get a privileged language education in Ottawa, one of the most important cities in North America. Ottawa is very convenient for students to live in, as there are so many colleges and universities.

Canadian Language School Prices
Prices of language schools in Canada; It will vary according to the city, program, school and accommodation options you will choose. The fact that the Canadian dollar rate is lower compared to the United States and England creates an advantage for language education in Canada. You need to make a good decision about the language school, city and accommodation options you will choose. For this, you can get professional support from a consulting firm. NG Consulting offers you language training options in Canada with its expert staff.

Canadian Language Schools Accommodation
Thanks to its multicultural structure, Canada has an understanding of embracing international students. Among the accommodation options, you will first see the accommodation area offered by the language school you will choose. Apart from the dormitories of language schools, there are also accommodation options such as homestay and hostel. The homestay option is more economical than the dormitory option. Families staying with students must comply with the criteria set by the government in Canada. In homestay, you can stay in single or double rooms and request breakfast and lunch. Another positive aspect of staying with a family is being able to practice language. One of the biggest advantages of staying in a dormitory is that it is close to the school. You can choose with or without meals in the dormitory. One of the advantages of staying in a dormitory is being together with many international students.

Canadian Language Education and Work Permit
While studying at a language school in Canada, you are not legally allowed to work. University or graduate students are allowed to work within certain limits.

Language School Visa in Canada
Students from many countries of the world apply for language education or university education in Canada. Language schools are often preferred in Canada for reasons such as the high quality of education or the high level of welfare of the country. Due to the high demand for issuing visas, they are treated sensitively. In order to prevent uncontrolled human entry into the country, visa applications made by students are carefully examined. Many different criteria are taken into account in visa applications. In your application for a student visa, you are asked to confirm that you will return to your country after your language education is completed. The Canadian government issues visas for students who will stay less than 6 months, which cannot be extended, and which can be extended under certain conditions to students who will stay longer than 6 months. You can get free support for all Canadian student visa-related issues from NG Global.

Living Costs and Social Life in Canada
In Canada, students living costs vary in terms of accommodation, with and without meals. The monthly bus cost for students is around C$ 140. In terms of social life, for example, a movie ticket costs 12 C$. In big cities, entertainment life is active with festivals and art events. Sports lovers can turn to sports such as camping, trekking and skiing, where they can enjoy the unique nature of Canada. In terms of socialization, there is an environment that is respectful to each other as they live in different ethnic structures. You can socialize in more shabby places as well as take cultural and touristic trips.

Canadian Language Schools Free Counseling
Students who want to go to Canadian language schools should get professional support and make their choice. You can get free support from NG Global's expert team on language school selection in Canada, education programs, visa, accommodation, language school prices and any other issues you can think of. With the support and experience of NG Global, you can find answers to all your questions before enrolling in language schools.

Frequently asked Questions
Is it necessary to know English or French to study a language in Canada?
Language schools have classes from beginner to advanced. Students of all levels can go to Canada for language education.

How long does it take for a student visa to go to Canada?
After applying for a student visa for Canada, the visa issuance time is at the discretion of the Canadian Embassy. People who have previously obtained a visa for the United States can get results more easily. Visa applications can be concluded within 2 weeks, or visa applications can be concluded within 2-3 months.

Is it too expensive to study a language in Canada?
Canada is a country with people of many nationalities and can offer special discounts to students coming from Turkey to receive language education. Compared to the USA and England, it is relatively more affordable due to the lower exchange rate of the Canadian dollar.

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