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Work & Study Abroad

Our expert education consultants have brought together all the necessary information for you to do work & study abroad on this page.

Work & Study Abroad

The Advantages of Working & Studying Abroad

Improving your language skills: By doing Work & Study in a foreign country, you will have the opportunity to use that country's language in daily life. Your language skills improve rapidly and your fluency increases. This can be a huge advantage for your future career. Cultural experience: Working & Studying Abroad is an excellent way to experience another culture. You meet new people and are exposed to different customs and lifestyles. This experience will broaden your worldview and enrich you culturally.

Professional experience: When doing Work & Study Abroad, you get the opportunity to work in a local workplace. This is a great opportunity for you to gain professional experience. Working in a different work environment helps you learn new skills and improve existing ones. This can make you stand out in your future career. Networking: When you Work & Study abroad, you have the opportunity to connect with people. You can meet both locals and other international students. These connections allow you to expand your personal and professional network. You can make valuable contacts for future business opportunities or partnership possibilities.

Increased self-confidence: Living and working abroad increases your self-confidence. Adapting to a new environment, coping with challenges, and living on your own gives you confidence. This experience is a great opportunity for personal growth and maturation. A global perspective: Studying abroad gives you a global perspective. You learn more about the world by experiencing different cultures and different lifestyles. This increases your ability to understand global problems and create global solutions.

The advantages of doing Work & Study abroad are not limited to these. Depending on your individual preferences, goals and expectations, you may receive other benefits. However, before planning this type of experience, it's important to consider practical details such as costs, visa requirements, and program options.

Conditions to Consider When Applying for Work & Study Abroad

There are some points that you should pay attention to when applying for Work & Study abroad. Here are some of them:

Program Selection: First, it is important to choose a Work & Study program that suits you. You should research programs taking into account factors such as the program's educational content, duration, fees, and employment opportunities. You should also consider the appropriate visa types and application requirements for your target country. Selection of Educational Institution: You should research educational institutions that offer Work & Study program and choose a reliable institution. It is important to consider factors such as the institution's accreditation status, student services, career opportunities, and student feedback.

University Prices Abroad

Visas and Work Permits: You should get detailed information about the visa and work permits required to work and study in your target country. You should complete your application on time, taking into account issues such as the visa application process, documents, costs and application time. Financial Planning: It is important to secure yourself financially while doing Work & Study Abroad. You should create a budget that takes into account tuition fees, accommodation, meals, health insurance, and other living expenses. You should also consider how much income you can generate from job opportunities.

Language Proficiency: In order to Work & Study abroad, you must evaluate your proficiency in the target country's language. For common languages such as English, you may need to have a certain language level. You may be required to take language tests or attend language courses. Accommodation and Living Arrangements: You may need to make accommodation arrangements while you Work & Study abroad. You can consider options such as university dormitories, student houses or shared apartments. You should also consider daily living arrangements such as health insurance, opening a bank account, transportation.

Work and Education Balance: It is important to balance work and education when doing Work & Study. Your working hours will not conflict with your classes

Yurtdışında Work & Study Burs Fırsatları

You have the opportunity to benefit from scholarship opportunities while doing Work & Study abroad. Here are some scholarship opportunities to consider in this regard:

  • Government Scholarships:
    Some countries offer government-sponsored scholarships to international students to provide study and work opportunities. These scholarships can often be based on academic merit or focus on specific professional areas.

  • University Scholarships:
    Universities abroad may offer scholarship opportunities to international students for Work & Study programs. These scholarships may be based on factors such as the student's academic achievement, abilities, or financial situation. You can learn more about scholarship programs by visiting the websites of universities.

  • Private Foundations and Organizations:
    Some private foundations, non-governmental organizations or corporate companies offer scholarship opportunities for Work & Study programs. Such scholarships may be aimed at students who are interested in certain professional fields or who meet certain criteria. You can review the websites of private foundations and organizations while researching these types of scholarships.

  • Country and Region Based Scholarships:
    Some countries or regions may offer special scholarships for Work & Study programs to international students. For example, the Erasmus+ program of the European Union provides financial support to students doing Work & Study in European countries. Similarly, other countries may have their own scholarship schemes.

  • Workplace and Institutional Scholarships:
    While doing Work & Study abroad, there may be scholarship opportunities from your workplace or corporate companies. Some companies may provide scholarships to their employees or interns to cover their training costs. You can research the scholarship programs of the workplace or the institution where you do your internship.

Scholarship applications are usually made within a certain date range and the application process is often competitive. It is important to make the applications on time and to submit the required documents completely. In addition, when applying for a scholarship, you should carefully examine the criteria and conditions set by the institutions providing the scholarship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked About Work & Study Abroad

In order to do Work & Study in your target country, you usually need to have a certain language proficiency. This can be English or the official language of that country. You may be asked to take TOEFL, IELTS, PTE or similar language tests to prove your language proficiency. Some educational institutions may also assess your language skills through local tests.

The fees of the study abroad institution may vary depending on the program type, duration and the country you choose. Different fees may apply to attend programs such as undergraduate, graduate or doctoral programs. Universities and educational institutions list program costs on their websites, so it's important to research the costs of your preferred institution.

Our services are free for students. At NGGlobal you do not pay for an appointment. You pay no fees other than small amounts such as shipping or document approval fees. For more information, you can call the nearest NGGlobal office, come to visit or fill out our online contact form.

Working while you study is a complement to your education and life experience. If you are pursuing a program of study at diploma level or higher, you may be allowed to work on an international student visa. Before taking any paid job, you need to make sure your visa allows it. The opportunity to work part-time while studying, which is afforded to students, varies from country to country. Many universities have a dedicated job center located on campus where they promote job opportunities to help students develop their skills. Apart from this, career centers of universities can also be a useful source of information on this subject.

A limited number of scholarships are available for international students. The amount of the scholarship varies according to the level of education and educational institution. Scholarship tuition is competitive and you are expected to demonstrate outstanding academic achievement. In addition, governments and some organizations also offer scholarships and awards to help international students study abroad.

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