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Dubai Language Schools

Our overseas education consultants have brought together the popular cities where you can get Dubai'de language education for you.

Dubai Language Schools

Dubai'de Popular Cities for Language Education

Language School in Dubai

What You Need to Know About Dubai Language Schools

Dubai Language Schools
Dubai is one of the emirates in the United Arab Emirates. Although located in the Middle East, the majority of the population speaks English. The reason why it is mostly put in English is that it was under the auspices of the British before. At the same time, British cultural influences are clearly visible in Dubai. On the other hand, this is a place that receives a lot of immigration. So much so that the local people of Dubai make up about 17% of its population. Therefore, Dubai is a suitable place to study English language. Dubai; It is a modern destination with skyscrapers, luxury shopping malls and amusement parks. Even the signs in the city are in English and Arabic. People studying here can practice language with many international students or residents. In addition, the quality standards in language education are at a high level. While studying languages in Dubai, you take lessons from native English speakers in high-tech classrooms. In addition to all these advantages, you can choose to study language in Dubai because it is very close to our country. Dubai gives work permits to international students coming for language education. It is also possible to earn a living by both studying and working in Dubai by meeting certain criteria.

Dubai Language Training
Although Dubai is not at the forefront among the first options that come to mind for language education abroad, it has managed to increase its popularity day by day. In recent years, international students have been very satisfied with the quality of language education they receive in Dubai. The option to work while studying language in Dubai also makes this place much more attractive. Dubai is the second largest region of the United Arab Emirates in terms of area. Its climate is warm throughout the year and due to this, it is literally a tourism area. The economy in this emirate is also highly developed. You can encounter many opportunities in the country where unemployment and crime rates are quite low. Although English is not a native language, it is one of the most widely used places in Dubai. There are many private educational institutions for language education. There are many educational institutions that have high standards for English language education according to different needs, budgets or expectations. Through NG Global, you can make the most ideal choice among these language schools.

Dubai Language School Education Programs
Which program you choose while studying language is closely related to the time you will be there. If you are staying for a short period of time, you have many options, such as choosing an intensive program. In addition to language education, you can prepare for language exams at language schools in Dubai. Although it varies between schools, language school education programs in Dubai are generally as follows:

  • General English
  • Intensive English
  • Business English
  • Practical, conversational English
  • One-to-One Private Lessons
  • Academic English
  • TOEFL Preparation Courses
  • IELTS Preparation Courses

The duration of language school education programs in Dubai starts from at least 2 weeks. The duration of language education programs is determined as 36 weeks at the most. In addition to these periods, there may be additional lessons taken.

Dubai Language School Prices
Dubai is one of the best alternatives for language education abroad. For international students, both language education prices as well as accommodation and living expenses are quite reasonable. School fees; Your option will vary depending on the duration of the program, the fees policies of the schools, etc. Your accommodation option in Dubai for the language school is also a factor that affects the fee. You can also pay extra fees to benefit from the additional services offered by the language school. Among the language school options, Dubai language schools have a moderate price. Language schools in Dubai create campaigns and discounts throughout the year. You can take advantage of discounted options by following the campaigns about the prices of Dubai language schools. Consulting the professional NGGlobal team about education abroad will make your work easier to get clearer information about the fee.

Dubai Language Schools Accommodation
While studying language in Dubai, the option you create for accommodation should be directly proportional to your budget. The language school you will attend in Dubai may have its own dormitory. These dormitories are generally residence type residences. If you want to stay in the dormitory of the language school, you should carefully examine the accommodation offered by the school. There are single or double rooms available in the language school dormitories. The student dormitory also has facilities such as air conditioning, gym and study areas. In addition, the terrace and swimming pool can be found in the student dormitories. In terms of transportation, you can reach services such as shuttle service. You can use the common stoves and refrigerators in the student dormitories and prepare your own food. When you go to a language school in Dubai, another accommodation alternative is student houses. Shared rooms are preferred by students in areas such as Jumeriah Lakes Towers, Jumeriah Beach Residence and Marina. Shared houses are usually 2 or 3 rooms. When you stay at the student house, you pay a deposit at the entrance and you get it back when you leave the house. Shared rooms are used as single or double occupancy.

Dubai Language Education and Work Permit
The biggest factor that makes it attractive to study languages in Dubai is that the emirate gives work permits to students. Students who will go to Dubai for language education must attend at least 12 weeks of language education in order to work part-time. When you start language education, you have the right to work in part-time jobs for around 20 hours a week. When you enroll in a 6-month language school, you have a 1-year student visa and a work permit. In your first 6 months, you can work part-time while you study at a language school. In the next 6 months, when your language school is finished, you can work in full-time jobs. Finding a job in Dubai, where the unemployment rate is low, varies according to the students' English level. Dubai; Since it is a place where the tourism sector develops, there are job opportunities in cafes, hotels and restaurants. English level is expected to be at a high level in jobs where people are in communication. Depending on your English level, it is possible to find a job in your field of study.

Dubai Language School Visa
In recent years, students may not be able to obtain a visa due to many different problems when going abroad. In Dubai, it is known that most of the documents you prepare for other countries are not even requested. Especially large amounts of collateral money that must be in your account are not valid for Dubai. The application for a visa to be a student in Dubai is made by the language school where you will be registered. Since the consulate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is not located in another country, transactions are made in Dubai. Dubai student visa submitted in online format will result in approximately 2 to 4 weeks.

Living Costs and Social Life in Dubai
Living costs in Dubai are higher than in Turkey. Gasoline prices are lower due to oil in the country. House rents, on the other hand, vary according to location, number of rooms and furniture, but average around $1500. Arabic cuisine is dominant in Dubai. It is a cuisine similar to Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines. Usually the meals are about meat, fish and rice. To give an example of food prices, a box of 12 eggs is $2.50, a liter of milk is $1.50, and a kilo of chicken is around $7. As it is known, Dubai has a desert climate. Here you can go on desert safaris, go to sports events and concerts and spend your free time. Dubai has a newly created modern structure and historical artifacts and historical ruins are scarce. The world's largest shopping centers are also located in this emirate. Since Dubai is an Arab country, it is thought that a conservative structure is dominant, but the country has a very cosmopolitan structure. Tourists from many parts of the world and people of various nationalities living here can visit comfortably here. They can dress as they want and have fun. Moreover, the crime rate in Dubai is very, very low. You can go out whenever you want and you don't have to worry about your safety.

Dubai Language Schools Free Consulting
It is strongly recommended that you get service from a specialist consultancy company to get education from language schools in Dubai. NG Global answers all your questions about being a student in Dubai with its competent staff. Before you go to language schools in Dubai as a student, you can get free consultancy service from NG Global.

Frequently asked Questions
In which months is it easier to find a job in Dubai?
Dubai has a prosperous economy with a low unemployment rate. It can be considered that the best time to find a job here is around September.

How far is Dubai from Turkey?
Dubai is about 4 and a half hours away from Istanbul by plane.

How much time difference is there between Türkiye and Dubai?
Dubai is 1 hour ahead of Turkey.

Is Dubai a very hot country?
In summer, the weather is 40 degrees hot and humid. In winter, the temperature is around 15 degrees.

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