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Masters in Italy

What You Need to Know About Masters in Italy

For students residing in Turkey, studying at a university in European countries brings many opportunities and opportunities, as can be expected. Italy is one of the prominent countries in Europe for young people who want to put their career planning on much more solid foundations. The cultural similarities between Italy and Turkey, where the Mediterranean culture is dominant, is a driving factor for Italian university applications.

Studying at a university in Italy means a prestigious signature on students' CVs. With both foreign language, scholarship and internship options and the potential to find a job after graduation, Italy continues to decorate the dreams of Turkish students. For those who want to study at master's or undergraduate level in Italy, there are many options in terms of both a private university and a giant university. With the professional support of NG Global, you can turn to these options and make your application to the ideal universities and departments for yourself.

Being one of the pioneers of science, fashion, sports, education and science in Europe, getting a university education in Italy will play a critical role in your professional career and personal development. If you want to make a difference by studying in a country that hosted the Renaissance, you can read this guide in detail.

University Education in Italy
There are many universities within the borders of Italy that are known around the world. Depending on your score and future plans, you can make your choice in company with professional NG Global consultants. Of course, although there is a wide pool of options, there are some universities in Italy that are given priority by those who want to do a master's degree or get a bachelor's degree. Considering the numbers related to Italian university applications, we can easily say that there is a serious interest in the universities we mentioned. Below you can find the most popular universities in Italy:

· Politecnico Di Milano
· University of Bologna
· Sapienza University of Rome
· University of Padova
· Politecnico Di Torino
· University of Pisa
· University of Naples
· University of Florence
· University of Milan Bicocca
· University of Turin
· University of Genova
· University of Parma
· University of Camerino

Public universities are quite ideal in terms of tuition fees compared to private universities. Many universities in Italy, which are referenced in Europe in terms of culture and education, continue to serve for hundreds of years. At the same time, the prestigious universities we have listed above have produced world-renowned artists, politicians, statesmen, and Nobel Prize-winning scientists. University education in Italy is generally 3 years at the undergraduate level. Master's programs are determined as 2 years, except for special departments.

A significant majority of undergraduate programs continue their programs in Italian. Despite this, the number of undergraduate and graduate departments in English is not to be underestimated. The grading system is calculated over 30 points, with certain exceptions. In addition, many universities in Italy do not have a preparatory phase. If you notify the immigration office, you are entitled to 20 hours of official work per week.

Application Dates to Italian Universities
Conditions for Italian university applications generally vary from university to university and even from department to department. Education in the country mostly starts in the first weeks of October. For this reason, university application processes start in December and continue until the end of May. Italy university applications are often kept short. For this reason, following the application dates closely will also rule out possible mishaps.

University of Italy Application Requirements
Candidates who have completed any high school in Turkey are accepted to the university as a result of special exams organized by the department, apart from language proficiency and diploma. The process called pre-enrollment is a very important point for diploma equivalency. For some departments, the Italian Ministry of Education creates special exam schedules. IMAT, which is prepared for those who want to study in the field of medicine, can be given as an example. In the meantime, at the application stage, you should prepare the official documents requested by the school in full.

IELTS or TOEFL, which are international language certificates, can be decisive at this point. For students who study 100% English, there is no language requirement at the graduate stage. Some schools may specifically request additional test results such as the GMAT or GRE. You should make your preparations in this direction by learning the special conditions of the university you want to apply to in advance. It would not be wrong to talk about a tight competition as universities in Italy receive record-breaking applications.

In Which City In Italy Should You Study University?
Milan, which is an important metropolis with the capital Rome, as expected, includes many universities in the best Italian university rankings. On the other hand, it is possible to come across universities that provide world-class education in cities such as Turin, Naples, Genova, Pisa, Bologna and Florence. Of course, living standards and related expenses may vary in the cities where you want to study.

Although cities such as Milan, Naples and Rome are attractive because they are large metropolises, the integration of the university with the city can be better in relatively modest places such as Genova, Pisa and Florence. When choosing a university, it is useful to pay attention not only to the education quality of the university, but also to the economic and socio-cultural structure of the city, its climate and of course its location.

Which Majors Are Popular in Italian Universities?
We see that departments such as medicine, business administration, engineering and medicine come to the fore in public and private universities in Italy. There are more English master's programs offered in the country than undergraduate programs in English. In Italy, there is also a great interest in departments such as pharmacy, economics, design, law, dentistry and veterinary medicine. Meanwhile, the fact that the country is the pioneer of fashion and sports has increased the number of these areas.

Accommodation in Italy
Although there are many accommodation options for foreign students studying at university in Italy, official dormitories belonging to universities are usually the priority option. Universities can make agreements with private dormitories in the surrounding area in order to meet the demand outside of their own large dormitories and direct students to these areas. Dormitories are seen as an attractive option both in terms of comfort and economy. It also contributes to the adaptation of foreign students who spend their first year in Italy.

Your dormitory application is made during the university applications and admission stages. In other words, during the university admissions stage, you should also take action regarding the dormitory as quickly as possible. Dormitory buildings in Italy are mostly for 2 or 3 people. Contracts offered to students are in the form of 11 months. In some dormitories, special activities can be offered to improve your sports, artistic or cultural skills. The fact that the dormitories are located directly in the city center provides a significant advantage in terms of transportation. The special location of the university is a factor that directly affects the accommodation fees. For example, the dormitories of universities located in the northern parts of Italy are cheaper than the educational institutions in the south.

Other than dormitories, shared rooms or rental apartments are also among alternative accommodation options. However, in some dormitories, serving meals in the morning and evening will significantly reduce your food and beverage costs. In addition to all these, you can also take advantage of the family accommodation option in Italy.

Italian Universities Prices
Italian university prices vary depending on whether the university in question is a private or public university. Of course, this is not the only criterion in terms of prices. For example, your success, your family's income, the country you come from, the department you want to study, etc. may affect tuition fees. At the beginning of each academic season, Italian university prices are updated by the institutions in question. With the introduction of scholarships, it is possible to reduce all these costs to a certain extent. Because students who receive full scholarships are exempt from such tuition fees.

In general, the fees of medicine and engineering departments in Italy are higher than other departments. Architecture, psychology, and business immediately follow these majors. Universities provide tuition fees as 2 payments per year. For specific university prices for universities and related departments, it is sufficient to contact the professional consultants of NG Global.

World Ranking of Italian Universities
Italy has managed to include a large number of universities in the official rankings of the world's best universities. In this type of universities, the academic studies of the university, the qualifications of the academicians, the applications made to the university, the school's library, campus facilities, scientific publications, international collaborations, etc. considered as criteria. Likewise, the percentage of students finding a job after graduation also affects this ranking.

QS World and Times Higher Education are trusted sources on the world's top universities. In the rankings made by both institutions, we see that Italian universities come to the fore. Currently, there are around 40 Italian universities in the top 1000 universities in the world. For example, Sapienza University of Rome is at the 197th level, and the University of Bologna is at the 172nd level. We see that Politecnico Di Milano is on the 142nd step. There are approximately 90 state universities in the country.

Scholarship Opportunities in Italy
University students in Italy can apply at the official level to many of the scholarships offered for them. Although there are many options in Italy scholarships, DSU Scholarship and Merit Scholarship are a little more prominent. The most valuable criterion for the scholarship is your level of achievement and which country you are from. Having a high diploma grade, being successful in classes, having special talents in certain sports or artistic fields may be reasonable reasons for these scholarships. The Italian Government provides financial support to foreign students whose families are below the average income level, with various scholarships. A significant number of Turkish students actively benefit from this scholarship.

It is known that DSU scholarships can be received up to 7 thousand Euros. For example, if your dormitory application is unsuccessful, you may at least have the chance to cover your accommodation expenses thanks to these scholarships. DSU scholarships are given in 2 installments per year. The continuation of the scholarship depends on completing a certain number of credits in the courses. But we must remember that this credit standard is kept very low. Merit Scholarship is more difficult to get compared to DSU Scholarship. Because this scholarship is a scholarship that prioritizes academic success criteria more.

General Information About Italy
Italy is one of the most popular and touristic destinations in Europe. Italy, a Mediterranean country; It is among the countries worth visiting with its food and beverage culture, historical sites, universities that have stood for hundreds of years, hospitable people and warm beaches. The fact that Italy shows similarities with Turkey in many points accelerates the adaptation process of Turkish students. Known for its popular cities such as Venice, Milan, Rome, Florence, Naples and Bologna, Italy geographically resembles a boot. For this reason, it is sometimes referred to as "Boots" in the world.

Italy's neighbors include Switzerland, France and Austria. Since it is a member of the EU, the official language of the country is Euro. Italian, French or Spanish are among the most widely used languages in Italy. It is possible to reach Italy from Turkey by air in 2 hours and 15 minutes. If you want to study at university in Italy; It is sufficient to contact NG Global for issues such as scholarship, accommodation, visa, work permit, transportation, application conditions, application dates or tuition fees.

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