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America Language Schools

Our overseas education consultants have brought together the popular cities where you can get America'da language education for you.

America Language Schools

America'da Popular Cities for Language Education

Language School in America

Information About American Language Schools

American Language Schools
Taking language education abroad is among the most effective methods to learn a foreign language much better and faster. It is a very reasonable option to study in the USA, which is considered one of the homelands of this language to learn English. Practicing with native English speakers, as well as studying at a language school for a certain period of time, will allow you to learn English comfortably. Considering that world-renowned educational institutions are located in the United States, the advantages of studying English in this country are of course undeniable. While going to language school in the USA, you can easily access opportunities in many different fields such as technology, science and art. Another advantage of studying a language in the USA is that after graduating from language school, students can continue their academic life such as undergraduate or graduate more confidently. In America, you can meet many people from different cultures and observe these cultures. While you are studying a language, you can also catch job opportunities in the USA.

Language Education in America
Studying a language in the USA is among the first choices of many international students. It is common to talk about a language school in the USA that can appeal to all levels, needs and budgets. Language schools in America have to have a certain standard and are constantly inspected. This control; It covers the instructors, the curriculum, the physical environment of the language school and the services the language school provides to students. The USA draws attention with its diversity of language school options and its balanced spread to different geographies. Language schools are usually located in city centers or university campuses. After completing your language education, you can have a significant advantage in continuing your academic education. Because one of the most important barriers in studying abroad is the inadequacies in language. Thanks to the language education programs at different levels, you can find a job in the USA and continue to live here in the post-graduation period.

American Language School Education Programs
Choosing which program to go to when you go to language school is one of the most important decisions. You can find options that differ from each other in terms of time and content in language school programs in America. If you are going to study for a short period of time, you may prefer English programs such as intensive or super-intensive. If you are going to progress in a longer time and relatively slowly, you can turn to general English programs where you will study 15-20 hours a week. You can also go to a language school of your choice while you spend your holiday in America. You can also choose language school programs in the USA to improve your business English or improve your academic English. For this, you can participate in programs on business English and academic English at language schools in America. On the other hand, you can find special language training programs even in special professions such as medicine and law. Apart from the programs we have listed in language schools in America, there are also programs for English language exams that you have to take. In this sense; You can also enroll in language school programs for exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, Cambridge.

Cities where you can get language education in the USA
The area of the United States of America is quite large. There are 50 states in the USA and the laws vary in these states. Thousands of students go to many cities of the country, whose capital is Washington, to receive language education every year. Let's list the most popular cities to study language in America:

  • New York; It is the city with the same name as the state in which it is located and is also referred to as New York City. It has a population of more than 8 million people and regular visitors from many parts of the world come to New York.
  • New York, one of the largest cities in America, also receives a lot of immigration. It is the city most preferred by international students who want to study language in the USA.
  • Boston is the largest city in the state of Massachusetts. This is a city where history and modernity blend. It is a very good option for language education. Harvard and MIT, one of the best colleges in the world, are here. Besides the well-known colleges, there are quite a number of different colleges and universities. For this reason, the student population in Bostan is quite high and most of them are international students.
  • Los Angeles is the most populous city in the USA with a population of close to 4 million after New York. Los Angeles, a state of California, is home to Hollywood and Disneyland. As the heart of art beats here, teams such as the Lakers and Clippers, which are NBA teams in the field of sports, are from the city of Los Angeles. International students can easily adapt to the city where many immigrants live. Its climate is quite warm. Here you can enjoy the beaches and get involved in the lively nightlife.
  • Miami is the second largest city in the state of Florida. Miami is a major tourist city. On the other hand, it is a major center in the fields of finance and culture. It is one of the cities with the largest passenger port in the world. Apart from
  • English, Spanish is also spoken, as a large number of Cubans, Haitians and Caribbean people live here. This region, where the weather is usually hot, is ideal for students who do not like the cold.

Apart from these cities, you can also examine the language school options in cities such as San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Washington, Philadelphia, Houston or Seattle.

America Language School Prices
In all foreign language education programs and even in our country, school prices vary from city to city as well as living costs. Language school prices in America may vary depending on the education program, the intensity and duration of the courses. At certain times of the year, language schools may organize discounts or campaigns for international students. If you want to study language in the USA, you can get support from NGGlobal consultancy firm, which provides services in this regard, and evaluate the current prices and options.

America Language Schools Accommodation
The language school you choose from among the language education options in the USA may have an accommodation option. Usually, language schools offer students their own dormitories as their first choice. If you want to stay in a dormitory, there are options such as staying with one person or more than one person. You can cook in the communal kitchens while staying in the dormitory. Another accommodation option at US language schools is homestay. In homestay, one room of the house is usually allocated to the student. Breakfast and dinner options can be included in addition to the accommodation price. Compared to the dormitories, you may stay a little far from the language school while staying in a homestay. If you wish, you can stay in a student house within your budget, in a location closer to the center.

US Language Education and Work Permit
It is not possible to give a work permit while you are a language school student in the USA. In order to get a work permit in the USA, it is given by taking more than 9 months of academic education. In this case, you can get a 1-year permit to live and work in the USA.

Language School Visa in America
The visa issued to study at a language school in the USA is of two types according to the duration and time of education. If you have less than 12 weeks and less than 15 lessons, you can get a touristic travel visa. If you are going to study a language longer than these periods, then you can get a student visa and extend its duration. In both cases, you will be asked for documents when applying for a visa. You can get support from the institution where you will receive consultancy services for visa procedures and visa procedures.

Costs of Living and Social Life in America
Living costs in America are higher than in European countries. In addition, international students have compulsory health insurance, which is included in their living expenses. The monthly tickets you can access are around $90. Movie tickets for cultural events are around 10-15$. In social life, America is a highly developed country. Income per capita is quite high, but living costs are parallel to this. Food and travel can be done at relatively affordable prices, but health expenses are quite high. Food cultures, as it is known, are on fast food.

Language Schools of America Free Counseling
You can also make your American dream come true by taking advantage of the free consultancy service provided by NGGlobal to study language in the USA. The NGGlobal team supports you in all matters, from visa to accommodation, from training programs to work permits.

Frequently asked Questions
How are the weather conditions in America?
Since America is a very large country in terms of surface area, there are clear differences in climate in certain regions. The southern parts are known to be quite hot while the northern part is colder.

How can I benefit from health services in the USA?
Language schools require health insurance. You must go to the hospital with your insurance policy. It is covered by your insurance company, but if there is a different situation, it will be sent to your billing address.

Can I go to other countries with a US F1 visa?
With an F1 visa, you can only travel within the United States. You need a tourist visa to even go to the neighboring Canada.

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