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As NGGlobal, we are one of Turkey's young and dynamic education consultancy companies. Professional abroad education consultancy for students who want to study abroad to benefit from free education and abroad scholarships in line with their education and career goals. > we provide the service. Our professional education consultants at NGGlobal provide services to many prestigious universities, languages, and universities in the world, especially in Italy, England, America, Canada, Ireland, Germany and Australia. It enables many students from Turkey to enroll in the school and diploma and certificate programs.

NGGlobal, not ignoring the changing conditions of the day, based on quality service in all its organizations and has adopted the principle of "amateur spirit, professional service" in its works.

With its young and experienced staff, especially abroad university education consultancy, abroad language school consultancy and abroad diploma & produces solutions in a wide range of services, including certification program consultancy.

We are aware that excellence is in the details when it comes to the admission and registration of our students to abroad schools. For this reason, we put ourselves in the shoes of every student we provide consulting services. From the beginning to the last moment, we review every detail over and over and pay attention to the smallest detail.

We work together for the success of both our students and our company. In every job we provide Educational consultancy, we approach problems with a professional perspective, using the experiences we have gained from the past, while still experiencing the excitement of the first day. Integrity and honesty in the field of Overseas education consultancy are among the values we believe in and will never compromise.

We consider each of our students individually, as a part of us today and in the future. Our goal is to provide you with quality service and to leave smiling faces behind us.

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At NGGlobal we believe that providing excellent customer service is the right combination of talented people and teamwork. We are a boutique overseas education company and we work with a talented team, each of whom is an expert in their field, to make our customers' dreams come true.


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