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Italy Language Schools

Our overseas education consultants have brought together the popular cities where you can get Italy'de language education for you.

Italy Language Schools

Italy'de Popular Cities for Language Education

Language School in Italy

Information on Italian Language Schools

Italy Language Schools
Being a Mediterranean country, Italy is always seen as a center of attraction for Turkish students. The high level of education, the abundance of job opportunities, living standards and, of course, the fact that Italian is a popular language can be listed as the main reasons for the interest in Italian language schools. Hosting the Renaissance, Italy is one of the most touristic countries in the world. At the same time, tens of thousands of students enroll in both Italy's well-established universities and language schools every year. Language schools of Italy, which has serious similarities with Turkey in terms of eating and drinking culture, human structure and climate, are scattered in many cities of the country. As it will be accepted, getting language education in countries where Italian is the official language provides very important privileges. Italy, the homeland of this trending language, welcomes foreign students from all over the world with hundreds of language schools. In a country where art, fashion, sports and education are always at the forefront, you can improve yourself in Italian on the one hand and have the chance to get to know the Italian culture and history closely. Before applying to Italian language schools, you can get free consultancy support by meeting the professional team of NG Global.

Language Education in Italy
Italian is considered one of the 3-4 most popular languages in the world after English. The demand for Italian, which is also used officially in countries such as the Vatican, Slovakia, Switzerland and San Marino, has increased in recent years. This situation paved the way for the increase in the number of Italian language schools to the same extent. Italian is one of the languages most similar to Latin in terms of Romanian languages. Therefore, if you improve yourself in this language, you can have an advantage in other Romanian languages. Italian, spoken by nearly 70 million people all over the world, is touted as the language of art and culture. Recently, it is seen that the Italian language has started to be used frequently in the field of business. Some of those who want to study language in Italy want to improve themselves in important fields such as art history, design and fashion. Some of them want to take their language proficiency one step further before studying at university in Italy. Language schools in Italy, which is a member of the European Union; different education programs are distinguished from each other by their physical facilities and prices. You can interact with many foreign students who come for language education or direct university education in many cities of Italy, which is also known as "Boots" due to its geographical shape.

Language Education Programs in Italy
You can choose language education programs in Italy according to your expectations and the length of time you want to stay in the country. Even in different cities, the programs in Italian language schools are mostly similar to each other. You can stretch your training programs to meet your own expectations. Students can take initiative in matters such as course durations or daily course hours. There are approximately 12-16 students in group lessons. In some programs, language schools may set an age limit specifically. Language education programs in Italy consist of the following options:

  • Intensive Italian
  • Long Term Italian
  • Evening Courses
  • Italian Cultural Programs
  • One-to-One Lessons
  • University Special Preparation Courses
  • Italian Exam Schedules
  • Business Italian

Cities where you can get language education in Italy
It is common to come across language schools with branches around the world in many Italian cities. The capital, Rome, is the first city to come to the fore among these cities, as can be expected. Likewise, Milan, which includes the oldest universities in the world, is one of the cities that young people prefer for language school. Outside of these two cities; We can also mention cities such as Siena, Florence, Bologna, Genoa, Venice and Verona. You should also pay attention to whether the language school is in the city center as much as the city you will choose. By the way, the city you choose for the language school will be a decision that will greatly affect your budget.

Italy Language School Prices
The number of language schools serving within the borders of Italy is increasing every year. Language schools do not offer only theoretical training. In addition, creative activities that will improve students' language skills or organizations where they can adapt to the country's culture are also signed. When evaluating the price issue, you should also focus on the physical and technological opportunities offered by the school. Italian language school prices are updated regularly every year. Therefore, giving a fixed figure would not be very healthy at this point. However, we should remember that the prices of Italian language schools, just like in universities, may vary according to the city, location of the school, accommodation, training programs, instructors or course hours. Long-term education programs can create more economic results for students in general. On the other hand, language schools can organize various campaigns at certain times. By following these campaigns throughout the year, you can register for more affordable prices.

Italian Language Education and Work Permit
One of the issues that Turkish students coming to Italy are most curious about is what kind of procedure is applied in the country for work permit. Unfortunately, Italy is not one of the countries that grant work permits to language school students. However, if you have a Type D visa, you can work for not more than 20 hours per week during your education period.

Italy Language Schools Accommodation
Accommodation is a must for anyone who stays short or long-term at language schools in Italy. Before going to Italy, it will be in your favor to evaluate the pros and cons of the available options and to take your actions in this regard early. When clarifying accommodation options in Italy, you should of course consider the duration of your study programme. For example, if you want to enroll in a long-term training program, you can consider shared flats. People who come for a very short time can benefit from hotels and hostels. Apart from this, the option of homestay accommodation is important in terms of getting to know the culture of the country closely. Student dormitories and apartments can also be shown among the most affordable options. An important advantage of dormitories is that they give you the chance to meet other foreign students in the country to learn a language. By the way, the city or location where you stay is among the factors that directly determine the prices.

Language School Visa in Italy
When you make a choice about a language school in Italy, you should review the current visa conditions. There is no special visa called "Italy language school visa". But when you come here, you will encounter 2 different visa options. Schengen C type visa under 90 days is the first of these visas. For trainings that will last more than 90 days, you should apply for a D type visa. It is important to start the visa application processes a few months in advance in order to prevent possible setbacks. You can request support from the NG Global team for up-to-date visa documents.

Cost of Living and Social Life in Italy
Your living expenses in Italy are directly proportional to the city you stay in. In fact, which part of the city you live in also affects your monthly expenses to some extent. For example, those in the capital city of Rome or in very popular cities such as Milan, Turin may face higher monthly expenses. Of course, the student's lifestyle is also the criterion that determines the monthly expenses. Monthly health expenses in Italy are around 15 Euros. It is sufficient to allocate an average of 25-30 Euros per month for transportation. It is ideal to allocate 200 Euros per month for social activities and sightseeing activities. Although house prices vary according to the city and location, they generally vary between 600-2000 Euros. No matter which city you are in Italy, you can encounter many historical and socio-cultural destinations that you will visit. Italian cities, especially Rome, are visited by tourists throughout the year.

Italian Language Schools Free Counseling
When choosing Italian language schools, you may need professionals you can consult on many issues. In order to experience this special experience in a much more enjoyable and productive way, you can get free consultancy from NG Global's expert consultants. NG Global, which specializes in all stages of language education; From the application stage to the payments, from the choice of accommodation to the visa, from the health insurance to the education programs, it will provide you with professional support in every matter you can think of.

Frequently asked Questions
What are the advantages of Italian language education?
The most important privilege of studying a language in Italy is that you have the chance to learn Italian, one of the 5 most popular languages in the world, in the homeland of this language. In addition, spending time in a country that has pioneered Europe in fields such as culture, art, fashion and design will contribute to your development and vision.

What other languages are spoken in Italy?
98% of the population speaks Italian. On the other hand, German, French and Sardinian languages are among the other languages spoken in the country.

Is it possible to go to language school with a green passport?
Yes. Language education can be taken up to 90 days without the need for a visa.

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