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Spain Language Schools

Our overseas education consultants have brought together the popular cities where you can get Spain'da language education for you.

Spain Language Schools

Spain'da Popular Cities for Language Education

Language School in Spain

Information on Spanish Language Schools

Spanish Language Schools
Language schools and universities attract serious attention throughout the year, as Spain is one of the most modern and economically developed countries in Europe. Being one of the Mediterranean countries, the country where Turkish students easily adapt socially welcomes those who want to improve their Spanish language skills. Accommodation opportunities, the variety of education programs, the quality of the instructors and the fact that Spanish is one of the trending languages are considered as one of the most important motivations for those who want to study in Spain. You can study Spanish for a short, medium or long term in Spain, which stands out with its beautiful beaches, cuisine, warm people, historical cities and wonderful climate. Spanish is now one of the 3 most popular languages in the world. This sharp rise of the language has made Spanish language schools very popular as well as English language schools. You can improve your language skills to make a difference in your professional life. You can make your way to Spanish language schools comfortable for yourself by getting support from NG Global's professional consultants.

Language Education in Spain
Although countries such as England, USA, Canada and New Zealand come to mind when language schools are mentioned, we see that this situation has clearly changed recently. Many countries in Europe now see a significant demand for language schools. The variation in these demands over time is largely dependent on the popularity of the respective languages at different times. The fact that Spanish is one of the most trending languages explains the recent interest in Spanish language schools. Today, the number of people who speak Spanish has approached 500 million. By studying a language in Spain, you can both enjoy witnessing a different culture closely and open the way for new job opportunities. In Spanish language schools, coeducational techniques are generally used. Apart from visual and written materials, students' expectations are met with practical studies, various language exercises and online programs. These language schools offer short or long education programs depending on the level at which students want to improve themselves. In this context, you can generally turn to training programs that will continue in the range of 4 to 36 weeks. By improving your Spanish language skills, you can be sure to make a significant investment in yourself. Regardless of your level in Spanish, you can be one of the lucky people to learn this popular language by enrolling in a language training program in Spain that suits you. Your first step to experience the privileges of language education in the homeland of Spanish is to meet the NG Global team!

Language Education Programs in Spain
Special programs await students who want to study languages in Spain, depending on their level, the length of time they want to stay in the country or the special exams they want to prepare for. In this process, you need to clearly determine what level of language education you need. For example, you can achieve productive results with an intense but short-term program. Such programs usually have a 30-hour frame. Basically, in Spanish language schools; There are programs in Intensive Spanish, General Spanish, Spanish for Business, DELE Exam Preparation, Specialty Courses for University Preparation or Spanish+. Whichever program you choose, you must take a pre-exam to determine your level.

Cities where you can study language in Spain
An important part of the cities you will choose for language education in Spain are also university cities. This is a factor that also affects the number of international students living in the city. When you come to these cities for language school, you can witness many Turkish students. Some of the cities that host language schools in Spain can be listed as follows:

  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Valencia
  • Seville
  • Cadiz
  • Malaga
  • Tenerife
  • Alicante
  • Granada
  • Salamanca

Spanish Language School Prices
In every region of Spain, you can find language schools that fit your budget or the type of program you want to study. Spanish language school prices are updated to a certain extent every year. You can write to the NG Global team to access the most up-to-date and concrete prices. Language school education prices may vary depending on the type of education, duration of education, the prestige of the language school, the quality of the instructors, the city where the language school is located, and the distance from the city center. At the same time, there may be various campaigns specific to Spanish language schools at certain times of the year. By following such opportunities, you can gain a significant advantage in terms of wages.

Language Education and Work Permit in Spain
According to current laws, a foreign student who goes for language education in Spain does not have the right to work. Violation of this prohibition carries certain risks. Persons working illegally can be deported if they are reported.

Spanish Language Schools Accommodation
People who enroll in language schools in Spain, one of the favorite countries of Europe, encounter a wide selection of accommodation options. Some language schools have administrators who deal directly with accommodation processes. However, NG Global continues to be at your side with its experience in the accommodation stage, as in other stages. There may be serious comfort and price differences between accommodation options. After clarifying what kind of environment you want to stay in and how much you can budget for accommodation, you should choose the most ideal option. In general, students studying at a Spanish language school; It encounters options such as homestay, student dormitories, shared student houses, hostels or hostels.

Language School Visa in Spain
Since the visa is a complex and expert issue, we recommend that you seek support from professional consultants in order not to make mistakes in this process. When you search for a Spanish language school visa, you will see 2 different visa types, long-term and short-term. Due to the fact that Spain is within the scope of the Schengen Area, students who successfully obtain this visa have the chance to visit 25 countries in total. You can contact our team to get detailed information about the documents requested in the student visa process and the process.

Living Costs and Social Life in Spain
Due to the active social life of Spain, students have the opportunity to participate in many cultural and social activities throughout the year. A very important part of language schools are located in city centers, so students do not lose time in participating in these activities. The country has an extremely modern and abundant transportation network. Spain, which has important achievements in sports, art, culture, education and architecture, is neighbor to Portugal. As a student, you may encounter much more affordable living costs compared to other countries. The average rental price of a one-bed flat in the city center is around 700-800 Euros. Rental prices in cities such as Valencia or Seville are more affordable than in Barcelona and Madrid. To give a few examples; Cinema tickets are 10 Euros, 250 grams of loaf of bread is 0.50 Euros, 12 eggs are 1.60 Euros, monthly transportation card is 55 Euros. Students who choose to stay in a dormitory have a chance to drastically reduce their kitchen expenses.

Spanish Language Schools Free Counseling
It is a very comforting factor to cooperate with consultancy firms that have experience in this field at the point of getting a language school or university education abroad. NG Global, which will make you experience this comfort, makes a serious contribution to your language education with its free professional consultancy service. NG Global Education; Thanks to its institutional ties with universities and language schools abroad, it is a strong bridge for students. NG Global's professional consultants are with you 24 hours a day, for your questions about visa, accommodation, registration process, training programs, work permit and many more! The company, which provides free consultancy services for Spanish language schools, also continues to use its experience in favor of students in important stages such as university and certificate.

Frequently asked Questions
How are the climatic conditions in Spain for students?
Climatic conditions in Spain are generally similar to Türkiye. In the country where the Mediterranean climate is dominant, the average temperature is high throughout the year.

What are the education conditions in Spain?
Spain finds its place among cult countries in education. Language schools are regularly inspected in Spain, which attaches great importance to the fundamental rights of students. For this reason, the quality standard is maintained and foreign students do not encounter any serious problems within the country.

How soon can I learn Spanish?
As with all languages, this generally depends on the student's background, language learning propensity, and Spanish-related background. However, it is known that students who come to language schools in general begin to learn basic Spanish at the end of 3 months.

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